Thursday, December 29, 2005

Co-workers in the News...(no, not the Police Report..)

Well, it's been 30+ hours since the "Pincushion Experience" and nothing has swollen up, seized up or failed to operate correctly, (although I did feel like absolute crap pretty much all day at work and still have a splitting headache).

Speaking of work, 4 of IMS' best and brightest got themselves some media attention at the Giant in Aston yesterday (yes, Giant the grocery store...the Mecca of culture here in Aston). Here they are, in their full black & white glory in the world-reknowned Delaware Daily Times, answering the oh-so-creative "How will you be ringing in the new year?" (Seriously, who's writing for this paper, 3rd graders?)

Here's each of them individually. Not suprisingly at all, all four of these jokers have MySpace on their names and post them an embarressing comment!!!

Kip: Warehouse Manager extraordinaire.
The GYDWPO (Guy You Don't Want to Piss Off)
(Shades included, no charge)

"I'm staying home watching TV with my wife and son."

Eric (aka Moho)
(Ladies, he's single, braves high mountains and can play a mean didjeradoo)
His non-didjeradoo musical talents available at

"At a bar in Northeast Philly"

John (aka Zigga)
(The latest IMS acquisition...Don't let the jolly exterior fool you...the man is seriously cracked in the head...)

"Movie night at my buddy's place, with good friends and family"

Josh (aka Grassi/Drew-nior/The Kid and/or Smokey)
2 words: American Eagle

"Hanging out at with my girlfriend at her house."

Aren't they great? Let's give a big hand to the motley crew that makes it all happen!!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Day Zero

Today is what is referred to in the medical world as "Day Zero".

It is the first day of dosing for multi-stage vaccinations given to those of us lucky enough to be traveling for an extended period of time into areas described as "high risk" for various nasty diseases.

Which explains exactly why both my arms are sore right now.

Left work around 1:30, picked up Kendra at home and went over to Jefferson Hospital on 10th and Chestnut. Took the elevator to the 6th floor to the Travel Medicine Department, met a very nice doctor named Valerie with this pleasant poster on her wall (Not a joke):

She proceeded to give us the breakdown on all the risks involved with being in Southeast Asia for an extended period of time, how certain diseases are spread and what modern medicine could and could not prevent. Then we find that not everything can be given in one shoot-me-up-a -dozen-times needle session. We have to come back several more times for follow-up stages for proper levels of vaccination. It's a good thing there are several options for doubling up on some shots, so we were able to work it all out with us being in Manila for a week, then being in various places in the U.S. in January.

Then it turns out that some of the vaccines can cause severe allergic reactions...Including, but not limited to, hives, swelling of the face and neck, shortness of breath, nausea, paralysis and death.

(Did I hear there was a role in Chestnut Hill.....?)

ANYWAY: So here's the Damage for Tim and Kendra's Day Zero:

Tim gets:
  • (Left Arm) :Rabies and Influenza
  • (Right Arm):Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Japanese Encephylitis
Kendra gets:
  • (Left Arm):Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B
  • (Right Arm):Rabies and Influenza
Kendra passed on the Japanese Encephylitis...wanted to avoid the swelling, paralysis, etc...probably would have had the same effect on her as bee stings, so a good call!

Took home a weeks worth of pills for Typhoid (a live vaccine, so keep refrigerated and take one every other day on an empty stomach) and made plans to be back in one week for more Rabies, more Japanese Encephylitis and for some lovely Tetanus. (Tuberculosis will be performed at our regular doctor before we leave.)

So, now we're all bandaged up, sore (me more than Kendra) and approximatly 25% of the way protected from some of the most widespread epidemic illnesses in the non-developed world. (Now I'm at home, sneezing because of my cat. I guess you can't win them all.)

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas with the Families

The past few days have been spent here in the
wonderful lands of Elizabethtown and Lancaster, Pennsylvania...first to spend Christmas Eve with my immediate family (Sara, Mom & Dad, Kendra and I...seen here to the right)

During which we spent more time at church in 2 days than we have this whole past year...) My Family was suprisingly healthy this time...usually at this time of year, one or more of my immediate family members is deathly ill with some sort of bizarre strain of Malaysian pneumonia.

Then it was off to the Price's Christmas Day in Lancaster (No white Christmas, just a wet, rainy one) to spend quality time with the whole clan seen here on the left..[Chris & Lisa (from Pittsburgh), Jen & Jason (from E-town) and Don & Faye (Kendra's Mom & Dad)].

This Christmas was typical in many ways: Lots of fun with the family, Way too much food, Way too many presents, Many of the same arguments...(Note to Self: when doing Secret Santa, make sure everyone knows the rules. Rule #1: Sisters don't obey any Secret Santa Rules).

Today we did some running around Lancaster for some things for Manila (Thank God for BJ's and Generic-Brand OTC Medication!!..I'll post a shot of that later...) Got the pictures developed from our adventures horseback riding and snorkeling in Punta Cana (I dont recomend snorkeling for those of you reading this who have panic or anxiety attacks...saltwater and hyperventilation don't mix!).

Thanks to Chris for bringing his newest technology purchase (soon to be my next technology purchase!!) The Canon Selphy CP510 -A fabulously easy way to instantly print great-looking, full-color, non-smearing, multi-size prints off your computer, or right off your digital camera. Fun for hours for the whole family!!

Tonight after dinner, we're heading back to Philly (leaving Elora here..We'll miss her!!). Tommorow I have to work in the morning then we get our first round of needles at Jefferson in the afternoon!!! Stay tuned for that great fun!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

More Dominican pictures

Not a whole lot exciting going on around here...had some great food and beer with Mariya at Bridgid's (Thanks Brendon and Theresa for the gift certificate --and congrats on the new little girl!!!). The drinking continued at Race St. Cafe (Note to self: Remember that Sugar Mom's is closed on Mondays BEFORE you walk there in the freezing cold).

Just getting ready to head to Central PA to be with the families for Christmas. Elora is getting all ready to be in Lancaster with Don and Faye and Cody the dog...this time for the long haul...we'll see if we can hook up a webcam at the house to keep an eye on her.

Since there's not much else to relay, here's some more Dominican Republic pics:

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Friends and More!!

Well, today has been a day of getting things done around the house, like wrapping Christmas gifts for the things we have, realizing what things we've forgotten, doing laundry (still from our Dominican trip) and cleaning up for our friend Mariya to arrive tommorow.

Speaking of friends, I was just on a blog site of our Minnesota friends Jessica and Andy, some of the coolest people ever, who were down here in Philly for our 5th Anniversary Party in July. Jess is now 19 weeks pregnant (you can follow every daily detail on her baby blog And Baby Makes Three).
Here's the soon-to-be proud parents:

Here's Kendra:

Here's Me:

Here's our cat, Elora:

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Dominican Leftovers

Hey all..Tim here once again....

RepĂșblica Dominicana

Warm sunshine...Pristine beaches...Undercooked mystery meats....

It's now been 13 days since my night of violent reaction to whatever I ate/drank/accidentally swallowed in the pool/ocean, and I'm still being plagued by the random intestinal seizures that so pleasently remind me of vacation! So, after a fabulous dinner last night with our friend Liz at Beau Monde (6th & Bainbridge...Great find, Liz!) I am starting on a weekend-long system-cleansing diet, consisting of water, fresh fruit and bread. We'll see how long I can keep it up and if it improves things any.

Today we stopped by Kinkos and got the first batch of the 15,000+ photos we need for passports, visas, background checks, etc. Speaking of photos, now comes the lovely task of trying to choose a recent photograph suitable for our Christmas/New Years letter to family and friends.

Suitable: meaning (1) it shows no alchohol consumption; (2) it includes both of us together; (3) it reasonably resembles our current physical appearance; and (4) it has to pass inspection with both parties. There are about 3 candidates so far in the running.

Oh Well. Anyway, here's some more shots from the DR.

Here's the 8 of us!!
Top Row:
Tim, Ryan, Tall Greg, Derek. Bottom Row: Kendra, Pete, Erin, Blonde Greg

Three Birds in A Sunrise Rainstorm

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Dawn of the Blog...

This is the first attempt of blogging here in the Land of Tim and Kendra....actually, I (Tim) am in Madison, NJ (yecchh!) waiting for the other IMS guys in Pennsylvania to test their broadcast feed for the Year-End Review of one of our clients. Oh, yeah, and there's freezing rain coming down outside right now. Hurray for Winter!!

This first entry is just the start of something GREAT and AMAZING!!

Stay Tuned for exciting new developments in our lives, including:
  • Kendra's first-ever blog entry!
  • Photos from Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  • New Year's and Christmas plans
  • New developments in the Quest for Manila!

(Dawn in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic)