Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas with the Families

The past few days have been spent here in the
wonderful lands of Elizabethtown and Lancaster, Pennsylvania...first to spend Christmas Eve with my immediate family (Sara, Mom & Dad, Kendra and I...seen here to the right)

During which we spent more time at church in 2 days than we have this whole past year...) My Family was suprisingly healthy this time...usually at this time of year, one or more of my immediate family members is deathly ill with some sort of bizarre strain of Malaysian pneumonia.

Then it was off to the Price's Christmas Day in Lancaster (No white Christmas, just a wet, rainy one) to spend quality time with the whole clan seen here on the left..[Chris & Lisa (from Pittsburgh), Jen & Jason (from E-town) and Don & Faye (Kendra's Mom & Dad)].

This Christmas was typical in many ways: Lots of fun with the family, Way too much food, Way too many presents, Many of the same arguments...(Note to Self: when doing Secret Santa, make sure everyone knows the rules. Rule #1: Sisters don't obey any Secret Santa Rules).

Today we did some running around Lancaster for some things for Manila (Thank God for BJ's and Generic-Brand OTC Medication!!..I'll post a shot of that later...) Got the pictures developed from our adventures horseback riding and snorkeling in Punta Cana (I dont recomend snorkeling for those of you reading this who have panic or anxiety attacks...saltwater and hyperventilation don't mix!).

Thanks to Chris for bringing his newest technology purchase (soon to be my next technology purchase!!) The Canon Selphy CP510 -A fabulously easy way to instantly print great-looking, full-color, non-smearing, multi-size prints off your computer, or right off your digital camera. Fun for hours for the whole family!!

Tonight after dinner, we're heading back to Philly (leaving Elora here..We'll miss her!!). Tommorow I have to work in the morning then we get our first round of needles at Jefferson in the afternoon!!! Stay tuned for that great fun!!!


At 6:27 AM, Blogger Lame Shrill Owl said...

You know -- the other day as I was thinking about our visit to the ob-gyn (which is today) and how the doctor reminds me of someone, his looks that is. And for a brief flash I thought of Jason, especailly now since he lost so much weight. I'll show the pic to Andy and see what he thinks (although Andy thought the doctor reminded him of some actor, but I disagreed).

I'll figure it out today and let you know if Jason could pass for an ob-gyn in Owatonna, MN. Think of how much fun he could have then -- wait -- he's not currently posing as an ob-gyn in Owatonna is he?

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