Thursday, December 29, 2005

Co-workers in the News...(no, not the Police Report..)

Well, it's been 30+ hours since the "Pincushion Experience" and nothing has swollen up, seized up or failed to operate correctly, (although I did feel like absolute crap pretty much all day at work and still have a splitting headache).

Speaking of work, 4 of IMS' best and brightest got themselves some media attention at the Giant in Aston yesterday (yes, Giant the grocery store...the Mecca of culture here in Aston). Here they are, in their full black & white glory in the world-reknowned Delaware Daily Times, answering the oh-so-creative "How will you be ringing in the new year?" (Seriously, who's writing for this paper, 3rd graders?)

Here's each of them individually. Not suprisingly at all, all four of these jokers have MySpace on their names and post them an embarressing comment!!!

Kip: Warehouse Manager extraordinaire.
The GYDWPO (Guy You Don't Want to Piss Off)
(Shades included, no charge)

"I'm staying home watching TV with my wife and son."

Eric (aka Moho)
(Ladies, he's single, braves high mountains and can play a mean didjeradoo)
His non-didjeradoo musical talents available at

"At a bar in Northeast Philly"

John (aka Zigga)
(The latest IMS acquisition...Don't let the jolly exterior fool you...the man is seriously cracked in the head...)

"Movie night at my buddy's place, with good friends and family"

Josh (aka Grassi/Drew-nior/The Kid and/or Smokey)
2 words: American Eagle

"Hanging out at with my girlfriend at her house."

Aren't they great? Let's give a big hand to the motley crew that makes it all happen!!!!


At 10:08 PM, Blogger Lame Shrill Owl said...

What did you both do? We we out for Mexican food and rented some movies. We're watching Mr & Mrs Smith right now and next up is War of the Worlds.

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