Friday, January 20, 2006

Accenture-ites Spanning The Globe!!

In today's Geography lesson, we will be learning about India.

India is HERE:
India is a federal republic, with a bicameral parliament operating under a Westminster-style parliamentary system. It has a three-branch system of governance consisting of the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary.

Like you care...

What we care about is a small handful of people who are temporarily a part of the one billion+ Indian population.

These 4 people happen to be named Abbie, Will, Christine and Jeff.

Abbie and Christine have been working with Kendra on an Accenture (High Performance. Delivered) project in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and I have had the pleasure of meeting both of them in Philadelphia. Will and Abbie have been married for 2 years and Jeff is Christine's boyfriend. On a mission from Accenture (High Performance. Delivered) all 4 of them spent a few weeks last year exploring the crazy culture that is India.

And like all smart modern kids, they blogged it.

Full of rickshaws, cows in the street, saree shopping, and scuba diving, this a very well put together compilation of everyones journal entries, thoughts and adventures, complete with enough pictures, videos and links to other sites for the reader to get a great feel of the culture. (Be sure to check out Will's on-stage speech in Kannada, and the audio recording of the rickshaw drivers!)

So I proudly present:

Will and Ab in Bangalore

Here's a teaser shot:

Thanks, Will, for sharing your skill - Good Luck to Abbie (she's presently back in Bangalore)

Let's hope that "What's Up in Our World" can be this entertaining and informative about the Philippine culture and our adventures!! Although, if I ever get to Goa, my blog entry will be quite a bit different than Will's...(if you're confused by that, just go here)


At 1:17 AM, Blogger Will said...

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At 1:23 AM, Blogger Will said...

Heya Tim, Wassup Kendra!

Thanks for linking to my site. I had no idea. In fact, I noticed a jump in traffic and followed it back to 'youse guys' Nice!

I've really enjoyed reading about your adventures! Speaking of which, you should totally rip off my idea and start driving your own rickshaws through the streets of Manila. (Hell, I'd love to see the pictures of that.)

So, the picture that Kendra took of the snow in Chicago really didn't do it justice. Unfortunately for me, I was driving through it... for quite some time. Me. From El Paso, TX. I'm glad I'm still here to reflect on my own lack of snow-driving skills.

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