Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Farewell to Friends in Washington D.C.

(The D.C. motion!)
-shot by Tim, made happy by PhotoStudio 5.5

This past weekend, Tim and I made a trip to D.C. in a way that seems strange to most people, but is entirely typical for us.

I ended up making my flight that Saturday morning from the snowy Chicago (see previous post), landed in Washington Reagan and took the metro to Brian's stop on the Red Line. I will pause here for two extraneous comments. First, I love the Metro in Washington D.C. It is so easy to use, and I have always been impressed with it. Second, the escalator at Brian's metro stop is SO LONG. I swear whoever built it was trying to make an automated version of Jacob's ladder. OK - back to the story. Brian met me at the stop and we walked back to his condo. We were both hungry. Tim was still a few hours away (driving down I-95 from Philly), so Brian and I ate Ethiopian food, which was DELICIOUS. We arrived back at the house at about the same time as Tim. Tim and I end up meeting up for most of our plans separately, but hey - it keeps things interesting! Brian thought it was a little funny that we came separately from two different states with two different suitcases and claimed two different corners of the house.

Brian has two precious kitty cats - both boys and brothers from the same litter. Their names are Peter and John. I immediately became enamored of Peter. He is the bigger of the two and seems to catch on to things a little slower. John is smaller, playful, and very energetic. Perfect example: Tim brought some gifts for the cats from Bone-Jour - a little pet botique in our area of Old City. He brought a catnip carrott and a container of marinated mice (Elora loves these toys!) John immediately caught on and began dashing all over like a crazy cat. He was rubbing the carrot on his head and rolling around. Peter sauntered over, and took one dedicated swipe at the carrot and then turned his back to the toy and stared at the wall. Occasionally, he would try to play but lost interest in about 0.5 seconds only to trip over his tail as he was running off. What an adorable creature! Brian is such a good daddy with those two. Peter and John made us miss our little Elora very much :-(

That evening we took the Metro to Chinatown to D.A.'s Regional Food and Drink to meet up with some of our other friends and have dinner and drinks. "Blonde Greg" (or just Greg, now that there are not two of them) is one of our friends from the Dominican Republic trip. He met us there as well as Elise Minzer (an old friend from Minnesota) and 3 of her friends also from Minnesota - Suzie, Mike, and Kwamie. It was great to see everyone again, and we had a great evening with way too much food and some interesting beers. Elise and I liked the lambics, which taste more like champagne. (I'm sure that Brian will hate that comparison since he brews beer, so I will revise- It was a little bubbly, fruity, and happened to be served in a champagne glass. However, I'm not sure that means it tasted like champagne). Tim enjoys the dark lagers and the pale ales.

We took the Metro back home and found a much colder return walk home from the stop. We fell asleep almost immediately, as we were still tired from the previous day and slept from about 3am - noon.

When we woke up, Brian called Jerlynne (friend who is from the Philippines and still has family there) and we all went for sushi for lunch and great conversation. We had a great time and talked for many hours. We dropped her off and visited with her huge husky dog, Musky, who was very distracted because he thought the mailman was coming. (Who says dogs have no sense of time?)

Now it's time for a fun game for all the kids!!
In the picture below can you find.....
  • A Husky?
  • The Photographer?
  • Brian Horst?
  • Kendra?
  • The Mailman? (trick was Sunday...the mailman doesn't come on Sunday..don't tell the dog!)
We packed up, said goodbye to Brian, and headed home for some more much needed sleep, and not looking forward to having to return to work so soon the next day.

(Here's a shot looking upwards on the escalator @ the Wheaton stop on the Red Line)


At 12:29 PM, Blogger Lame Shrill Owl said...

When do you officially take off for Manilla?

At 1:35 PM, Blogger Kendra said...

We leave on February 6th... counting down!

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