Sunday, January 08, 2006

Flight Plan

Friday, January 6th, 2006

Here is the transcript of the paper-and-pencil entries I made while flying from Philly to Detroit to Japan to Manila, in a marathon 30-hour journey.

Friday 4:00pm EST... 6612 miles to go (to Nagoya, Japan)
473 mph Ground Speed
Altitude: 9,153 ft
Outside Temp: -6F
15.25 hours to go

Location: Somewhere Over Lake Superior
Left Philly this morning at 9am, slept most of the way and got to Detroit at 11:30 am. Lunch at the Mediterranean place Kendra goes to when she flies through here to Ft. Wayne. Changed our ridiculously large Philippine Peso bills into more managable currency sizes.

Took off from Detroit at 3:00pm on a massive Boeing 747-400. Nice Plane. Business Class is the way to go: Socks, slippers, comb, toothbrush, chapstick, earplugs, eyemask, gooseneck LED lights, personal LCD screen for movies, music, maps, flight info etc, seat with 14+ directional controls (with lumbar massage to keep your blood from pooling in your butt).
Also must mention the fabulous food service here: Hot towels before food, appetizer of beef-on-a-stick, nuts and some sushi-ish thing...not bad. Also, have gone through 2 cans of Sapporo Black Label Draft beer, which has effectivily gotten rid of the headache I got in Detroit. Passing the time mostly just checking out the plane .

Friday 7:15 pm EST...Altitiude now 32,o00 feet
Location: Canada?
Had dinner, more drinks and ice cream. Have now gone through the entire USA Today..Kendra's on her laptop writing out an e-mail to our families. We've went over Winnepeg a while ago, now over Nowhere Particular, Canada. Outside, we've got a nice shade of twilight blue.

Friday 10:30 pm EST...Current ground speed: 550 mph/ Distance traveled: 3,920
Location: Bering Sea/Allutian Islands (Midway between Alaska and Russia)
The plane has gone into simulated nightime mode. Main video screen is off, all lights are off, all shades are drawn and 99% of Business Class is asleep. We're not. Kendra's doing work and I've gone through the first 3 chapters of "The Hawk and the Dove" by Penelope Wilcock. The flight attendants came around with a snack of noodles or pizza. Opted for the pizza, but then it arrived with Kendra's having pork and mine having chicken (I think). A million apolgies later, Kendra ended up with a bowl of noodles (complete with 45% of your daily recomendation for sodium). The plane has cut off it's water supply to the bathrooms. Whether this is a malfunction or normal fake- nightime procedure, I'm not sure, but we've got enough Bath and Body Works Antibacterial Hand Lotion to supply most of the plane. Thought we might start selling the stuff for 11,000 pesos a bottle (Kendra gave me an impromptu macro-economics class over lunch).
Outside (I lifted my shade for one quick peek) we've got a weird day/night dichotomy action going on. If you look at the day/night map, we're now at the point where the bell curve starts to flatten out. It's pale blue straight to our right side (north), but with a nice vivid pink coming up towards the front of the plane (west).
Not really tired yet. Don't need to sleep, and I'm trying to avoid breaking out the Tylenol PM.

Saturday 1:15 am EST...2.3 hours from Japan
Location: Over the Sea of Okhotsk

Just finished watching Proof on our LCD monitors (saw the stage production at the Arden Theater in Philly..good movie, too). Still wanna-be nighttime here in the cabin. There was a window open in the galley, so I took a few shots. We are facing west, so technically this should be a sunset, however it looks like the World's Slowest Sunrise (It's been the same colors since we over Canada). I may actually get some sleep now.

Saturday 4:00 am EST...Nagoya International Airport, Japan.

This is the most sterile environment I've ever been in apart from a surgical ward.
I couldn't find visible trash if I tried, and bacteria or viruses might be just as tough a hunt. The automated air blower for drying hands in the bathroom did it's job quite effectivly in 3.5 seconds flat (and looked nothing like your standard automated air blower for drying hands in the bathroom ..I though it was a toaster...)

Add the incredibly violent and bloody Japanimation on public display on massive LCD screens, and this becomes one of the oddest places ever.

Saturday 11:30 am EST...Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Philippeans
Fell asleep while taxing out of Japan. Awoke for announcement of final descent into Manila 4 hours later. Now there's a great flight!! Good thing too..between waiting in immigration lines, an eternal baggage claim wait, and waiting in customs lines we're both pretty beat. Now it's time to find the rental car company that has our driver to our final destination.

Saturday 2:30pm EST (or by now, 2:30 am Sunday morning Manila time)
Location: Home!
Yeah, we're here.
Checked in, luggage lugged, unpacked to sleep.
See you tommorow.


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I am glad that you are both there safely.

I amazed you can take such great pictures through a plane window.


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