Saturday, January 14, 2006

Gulliver is Home For Now

Hello! This is Kendra. We are back at home now and it is great to be in Philadelphia. The Philippines is great, and we continue to look forward to spending the next period of the year in Makati, but we love where we live, and it is good to be here again.

We arrived in the Detroit yesterday (Friday) at around 10:50am. We realized right away that we were back to normal size, since a large percentage of the Northwest World Club was business men over 6 feet. We cleaned up there and relaxed for a few hours before our flight to Philadelphia. Our flight to Philadelphia was delayed a little bit due to fog, and when we landed, we realized this was no joke. (Generally when I am told a plane is delayed due to weather, we land to find perfect weather. In fact, I was pretty set in my conviction that the plane was delayed coming in from Philadelphia because the pilots were stuck in the notoriously slow Burger King line). Japan was really foggy too. Perhaps we are bringing it home with us.

After arriving home we showered and had some water. A glass of airborne and 2 Tylenol P.M. for each of us later, it was 6:30pm and we were fast asleep. We hadn't slept for more than 1 hour for two nights straight, so I though we might sleep 12 hours or so. But no - 18 hours. That's right - we did not wake up until after noon. I am not sure that I have ever slept 18 hours since I was old enough to remember. I definitely had very bizarre dreams during this 18 hours. I think my brain was churning through Makati, the 747, and Philadelphia - trying to decide where it was now.

The first thing we did was go in search of some food. We went to a burrito place on South Street called the Joint and got 2 regular sized burritos. We both ate almost the entire burrito which was quite the accomplishment. Tim is VERY FULL now. I am not overly full, but since my burrito was a vegetarian one, it didn't have quite as filling ingredients (no cheese, chicken, or sour cream). After this, we went to Whole Foods to pick up some food for the next week. It was good to have these famliar experiences and get used to being back here again.

Now we have football on (and it is not 6 in the morning!) and I am going through my emails and trying to find out where I am supposed to be next week - Philadephia, Ft. Wayne, or Chicago.


At 10:13 AM, Blogger Lame Shrill Owl said...

Is Makati a suburb of Manilla then?

At 5:45 PM, Blogger Tim & Kendra said...

Makati City is one of seven municipalities that make up Metro Manila.

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