Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Jet Lag Hell

The experts at No (did you ever doubt that you can find anything/everything on the Web?) say this:

"What is Jet Lag? Being tired and slightly disoriented for days after arriving, accompanied by a lack of concentration and motivation, especially for any activity that requires effort or skill, such as driving, reading or discussing a business deal.

"Crossing time zones can cause you to wake during the night or have difficulty getting to sleep and then want to fall asleep during the day. Your inbuilt circadian rhythms have been disturbed, and it can take many days for the body to readjust to the new time zone. NASA estimates you need one day for every one-hour time zone crossed to regain normal rhythm and energy levels."

Manila is 12 hours ahead of Philly (13 in Daylight Savings).

I'm screwed. Here's why...

I was fine after our 18 hour marathon sleep-fest Friday night and all the way through Sunday. For the past 3 days, however, I've been waking up at 3am (unintentionaly) fully awake and energized. Monday morning, it felt sort of cool, so I got all sorts of things done around the house and online before leaving for work as well as made breakfast (w/coffee!) and packed a lunch for later. As soon as I got in the car, my energy level instantly plummeted, but with the help of homemade Starbucks and some fast and hard house music, arrived safely to work and forgot about it.

3:00 pm: Energy level again nose dives to below zero level. Struggle through the remaining hours, fight sleep on the drive back home and on arrival instantly have an energy rebound. Make a nice big one-person dinner, do some blog work and laundry...then crash again around 9pm. Before I know it, it's 3:00 am again and I'm ready to take on the world.

It's now Wednesday night and this is sort of how it's been all week so far (according to NASA I've only 7 more days of this to go..Yay!!) . The only positive things have been a very enjoyable video shoot with Charles and Zigga on Tuesday and the truly fantastic last-minute news that I wouldn't have to drive a van (read: row a canoe-it's been pouring here with 50mph wind gusts all day) into Manhatten (yuck!) tonight into Thursday. Praise the Lord!

Now I've succesfully arrived back home in the car, took a brisk, cold walk to Starbucks for a mocha (Venti, no whip) and am going to do as much work around the house as possible before the inevitable onset of jetlag coma.

Before I go, here's a shot to share: a bird's eye view of customers scrounging for candy inside the Glorietta mall in Makati.


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