Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Last Night: Fun with the Project Team

This evening, the project team from MDC all went out for a team building exercise to a restaurant in Makati called the Banana Leaf for Thai food. The entire outing demonstrated what a kind, generous bunch these people are. For one thing, the team is made up entirely of carnivores. I rarely have seen them eat vegetables even as a side. Despite the fact that I am teased relentlessly for not eating any of the exotic meat dishes, they chose a restaurant with a ton of vegetarian options. Most of the team had not even tried thai before, but they knew I liked curry because I ordered it for lunch during the time we went to lunch together.
How sweet! They also invited Tim to the dinner, which was very nice, and Andy and Keysi ordered everything for the table to share.

During the dinner, everyone laughed and joked around the entire time. They are such a colorful and unique group of individuals, and they seem to know each other very well. This is not unlike the US based team that have worked together in the project as well. I brought my book of "Beginning Tagalog" along and used many phrases at the table, which the team really seemed to like. It was Tristan's birthday and so I sang to him "Maligayang Bati" to much applause. They are curious about their US counterparts and asked me questions about almost everyone on the team.

The waiter took pictures of the team. Unfortunately, they are very blurry, but I will post them here anyway. A picture was taken from each side of the table because the group is so big.


At 10:49 AM, Anonymous Jim Baumbach said...

Great site! Tim, you really have a nack for this.
When you return to the RP you will begin to notice a lot of the body language is the same or very similar to the Spanish culturals like the Puerto Ricans. Pointing with the lips, the eye brows and more.
You will really enjoy your time there. It's great to have you part of our Mag-Anak ( extended family).
Jim Baumbach :)

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