Friday, January 20, 2006

Philadephia... City of Brotherly Lo...(BANG!!!)

If any of you reading this have any concerns about our safety while in the Phillipines, take heart- Our best move to secure our well-being may actually be when we leave Philly on a plane February 6th. We're 19 days into 2006 and Philly's already had 19 shooting deaths so far (2005 had 370+ [the "+" is for the bodies we couldn't find]) Tell NBC-10 what you think.

Random Observation and Reader Poll: My freshman year in college (1995/96) I created a killer (read: low-tech/cheesey/unorganized) Geocities webpage (complete with links to reviews of my favorite movies at the time). Today, it's gone, unnaccesable, even with a fine-toothed Google. What do you think the longevity/archival-ness of personal blog sites like this is? Is this something that the great-grandkids are going to be able to look up years from now and read about the tales of Tim and Kendra from the olden days of Ipods, CompactFlash cards, and that crummy-looking HDTV? Will Isabel/Ella/Zoe/Kendra/Ana/Eva Miller (the off-spring of Jess & Andy) going to be able to look back on her 16th birthday and read about all the stories surrounding her birth? If not, what are the options for permanent archival of fleeting website content?

Horsey Pics!

Here are some of the pictures from our horse(I think they were horses)-back riding adventure in the Dominican. Thank you Kodak Disposables! Be sure to ckeck out the rest of our Dominican Republic Punta Cana Posts:

Dominican Leftovers
More Dominican Rep. Pics


At 5:27 PM, Blogger Dad said...

Harrisburg, PA is right up there with the same count. Zimbabwe almost sounds safe!

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