Thursday, February 09, 2006

Back at the MDC

Hey there, Tim here.

Things are looking pretty good so far with our logistics. I was able to find a number of close ATMs and withdraw the amount of pesos needed to pay our duty for our shipment which we found out will be arriving on Saturday. We tried last night, but the ATM was out of peso notes. So I think we're set money-wise. Kendra was also able to get to the proper bank to deposit funds into a bank account to pay for some gifts she purchased on-line (a typical method of payment in the Philippines.) I was able negotiate to use our building's business center for free until our desktop computer arrives on Saturday.

Today Kendra went into the Accenture office...she says things went well and that she really feels her presence here will have a positive effect on the project as a whole. Everybody there was glad to see her again and to have her back in Manila. Never to settle for a dull working day, the entire building was evacuated for a fire drill. Of course, in this culture the whole ordeal took an entire hour, during which they passed out water and Oreos to those waiting outside.

I was able to explore some other areas of Makati after meeting Kendra at noon. In addition to the jeepney depot and a stray cat in a park, I found an area that was much more urban-city-like than the mall-world surrounding our building. It was nice to see some very authentic ethnic eateries and fruit vendors out on the street-- seems much more fitting for this area than Sony kiosks, Tower Records and the Hard Rock Cafe.

Jeepney Driver

Click to Enlarge: it says "Quick Stomach"

Todays Hammarskjold Lesson: "To seperate himself from the Society from which he was born a menber will lead the revolutionary, not to life but to death, unless, in his very revolt, he is driven by a love of what, seemingly, must be rejected, and therefore, at the profoundest level, remains faithful to that Society."


At 3:40 PM, Anonymous Mom said...

Tim, I love your pictures you have a way of getting the most special and unique shots. Thanks also for your thoughts for the day. I love it. So creative and informative from you both

At 7:10 PM, Blogger Dad said...

Good to hear that some of your "problems" are getting resolved bit by bit. Hope all your stuff arrives OK. Have fun setting up tomorrow.

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