Sunday, February 05, 2006

Dave and Buster's Bon Voyage!

Last night Tim and I had our Bon Voyage party in Philly at Dave and Buster's on Delaware Ave. Tim's dad took many cute pictures, and we will add them to the post within the next few days. Looking at the pictures, I made the conclusion that I should not have chosen Merlot as my drink for that night, since my mouth was all purple!

Even though I drank too much and had to leave earlier than I wanted to, it meant so much to me to see all of our friends and family there. All of our parties seem to have an odd & wacky combination of people, and I'm never sure how everyone will interact at the beginning. However, it always turns out well! The food setup was great and the staff was friendly. Despite a few trespassers that needed to be booted out of our private party, a great time seemed to be had by all!

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to come! It was a little bittersweet for me, since I realized I hadn't seen many of the people there nearly enough this past year. It is sad that it takes leaving to actually make the time to see friends and family. Remember, we will see you all soon (on-line or in-person). Hugs and Kisses to all ;-)

Tim's Note:

Knowing everyone's unique characteristics and personalities, it was quite humorous to predict and finally witness some very interesting match-ups between people of quite opposite dissposition. Thank you to everybody who came out to bid us all make our life the bizzarre oddity that it is!

We'll be in the airport in 10 hours, and arrive in Makati about 26 hours later (Tuesday night Manila time) to you again Wednesday when we wake up in the Philippines.


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