Sunday, February 12, 2006

Lazy Sunday in Makati

Well, now that we have had a few days in the country to try to get over most of our lack of sleep and adjust to the major changes, I decided I better try to start getting on an exercise routine again. I have been all but inactive for the better part of a year now, and I knew it wouldn't be easy going. So, Sunday morning, I woke up and started with a brief 20 minute Yoga program to stretch out and check the state of my breathing. Both my breathing and heart rate are not what they used to be, but oh well.

After the yoga program, Tim went down to the gym with me. I put in a program to do 20 minutes on the eliptical machine. It was pretty difficult to finish as I was getting worn out and thought to myself "I know I am out of shape, but I do walk a lot - it shouldn't be this hard." I looked down and saw I was on the highest level of resistance the machine could go. No wonder!

After the exercising, I ate cereal for breakfast and made some of my "espresso" in the Starbucks coffee maker and Tim went downstairs to the buffet. I read the paper again while I had breakfast and also had CNN-World on. (Small luxuries of time).

After breakfast, we cleaned up the house a little bit. (The cleaning service doesn't come on Sunday unless requested). We then went for a walk around Makati. In my previous walks, I had just stuck around the Glorietta, but this time we walked further down Makati Ave to a section that had more of the local people or tourists staying in more of the mid-range hotels. It seemed like a safe area during the day, but at night it seemed like it turned into an area with a lot of after hours bars and strip clubs.

It was interesting to be in an area that seemed more authentic though. We ducked into one of the side streets and went into a tiny grocery store that had Japanese and Chinese food. We got some food for sushi, but nothing in the store had prices. We might have been a little overcharged, but it was still way less expensive than it would have been in the US and the store had no air conditioning and I was about to melt completely. (They charged us 175 PhP for a package of about 20 large seaweed papers and a Kilo of Chinese short grain rice). We walked back to the apartment at that point. It was pretty hot, and I wanted to go to the pool, since I hadn't been there yet.

I took some things to read and went to the pool to relax. We met another American there from North Carolina (previouly from Bucks County!). I ordered a bloody mary (my last one, because all tomato-based products I've tried here taste like ketchup ;) Tim ordered a Mango smoothy.

After about an hour or so by the pool, we went back upstairs. I asked Tim if he would go to the store to get some extra foods we needed (and I was hungry for pretzels). He went to the store, and I chopped up several mangos for him while he was gone and did some other food prep.

Later that evening, we had massages that Tim had scheduled for us in advance for Valentine's Day :-) It was a combination of shiatsu, sweedish and tension relase massage,. It was a very interesting experience. Because we are so much bigger than the people here in general, she ended up climbing all over both me and the table to get all of my muscle groups. Very good stretching massage once I got used to the strange feeling of having the therapist climbing all over the table.

Finally in the day, Tim and I made pasta (with a very doctored sauce to reduce the ketchup taste) and watched a show about dragons on the Discovery channel. I was very disappointed because I fell asleep in the middle of the Dragon show, and I had been looking forward to watching it all week.

I had completely bizarre dreams that evening. I dreamed I was in some strange high school/collage place again - there were aspects of both. (For whatever reason, I tend to dream I am in high school again when I am in times of extreme stress). In my dream, it was my senior year and I was going to graduate in May. However, I was about to leave for 6 months in India. I realized right before I was ready to leave that I would miss graduation and also that I hadn't made arrangements to take half my finals. Very bizzarre. We all know that is a dream, because I would have both of those things on my spreadsheet in real life....

Today's Hammarskjold Lesson: "To be pure in heart means, among other things, to have freed yourself from all half-measures: from a tone of voice which places you in the limelight, a furtive acceptance of some desire of the flesh which ignores the desire of the spirit, a self rightous reaction to others in their moments of weakness."


At 11:15 PM, Blogger Lame Shrill Owl said...

Andy & I had massages in Vegas by these Asian ladies (not sure where they were from and they spoke little English) the last time that we were in Vegas. They both had crawled up on top of us and it was a little odd. Andy's lady didn't speak any English and just did her thing, which included a little bit of molestation. Not that he probably minded much, but was a little freaked out by it. It was an odd experience.

At 11:34 PM, Blogger Tim & Kendra said...

I certainly felt energized and relaxed afterwards, but it was really funny knowing that she was using her entire body weight to shove my shoulder blade into place.

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