Saturday, February 25, 2006

Man Cannot Live By Carbs Alone

Yes, I know... There is a National State of Emergency in this country, and here I am mostly disgruntled because I am finally realizing that all those times I couldn't eat the food I ordered because vegetarian meant plus squid, shrimp, etc. were not just anomalies. I think vegetarian in the Philippines includes seafood, and since we can't always communicate well enough to specify no seafood, we are in a bad spot menu-wise.

This is my second weekend in a row with a very upset stomach due to eating not enough, eating poorly, or inadvertently eating something in my food that made me sick. None of this reflects badly on the Philippines, since part of me expected this to happen. At home I eat exclusively organic food, vegetarian products, and I have to go through some strict adherence to food prep and sanitation standards to avoid being sick, because my immune system isn't the best. Given I'm used to that, almost everything here is going to make me sick unless I stick to as bland a diet as possible and never leave my apartment, except maybe to roll to and from work in a giant biosphere.

Tonight Tim and I decided a good remedy would be to just plan out our meals with the 4-5 things that we know won't make me sick (from past experience) and just cycle through those. Most of these will be meals prepared from grocery store bought food, since our last several meals ordered have been a waste of money which we cannot afford right now. Tim remarked that it will be like when we worked at camp with the same menu recycled each week ;)

For those of you interested, here are our planned meals to be varied for suppers:
  • Corn on the Cob and Pumpkin Soup
  • Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
  • Taco Salad
  • Squash and Vegetables
  • Pasta and Sauce
  • Homemade Avacado Rolls (sushi)
And, since Tim is not a vegetarian and once in awhile might need some extra meat, once in awhile:
  • Chicken/Salmon with potatoes and cooked spinach

We stuck around the area of our apartment today. We are a little bored, but things seem OK safety wise for now. Thank you all for your expressed concern!
Yeah, its been a bit of a frustrating day...

Having to be stuck in this small area for safety reasons, we decided to enjoy some of the provided ammenities of our building; spending some time in the sun reading books by the pool and then out on the roof patio. Decided to splurge on some room-service fare outside, which tasted fabulous at the time, but ended up making Kendra sick.

Back in Philly the never-fail cure for any ailment is a good round of miso soup with tofu, avocado rolls, vegetable tempura and edamame (thank you, Kisso! -4th & Race). There's a Japanese place right around the corner, but wouldnt you know it- no edamame, no avacado, the tofu was super soft (read: slimy), and the vegetable temoura was found to have bits of fried shrimp and squid-- discovered after I got home, of course.

Plus, it seemed that every citizen of Manila was in the area for a Sunday stroll. Now, I've come to appreciate the Filipino culture as much slower paced, but walking around today was like trying to drive in suburban New Jersey.

Hey! Here's the pefect solution to a crappy day! Found this bottle of liquid goodness packaged with 4 free cans of San Mig Strong Ice beer! (Kendra won't touch either drink!) A full 2 days in the freezer, and we're ready to rock! Ahh..the memories of Barnaby's!


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