Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday, Monday

Today it was back to work. Tim has been helping to make sure I eat by getting my cereal and juice ready in the morning and packing my lunch for me. This is very helpful, because we still have not succeded in finding "quick preparation" vegetarian options here. Almost everything we eat requires a lot of prep work, which I can do on the weekends, but not very easily during the week. I have been cooking supper usually when I return home, although I wouldn't be surprised if most of the cooking turns over to Tim once work starts picking up more and more.

I was excited to set up my area at work today, because I actually had office supplies and pictures from the shipment to set up. I had some stress relief toys that my mom got me for Christmas, and the people at the delivery center just loved them. In fact, they loved the blue stress relief toy a little too much and broke it! The girl felt so bad, but it was OK. I don't think the move was really easy on it. It caused its required amount of joy! I also had a few pictures of Tim and Elora to hang up, but no magnets or push pins. Well... as soon as the first girl saw a picture of Tim, my dilemma over no magnets was solved when she stole magnets from other people to hang the up. (They all love Tim, and said - like many other people - that he looks like Brad Pitt). I told them he looks more like Colin Farrel, which I believe it true, and also puts less pressure on me, because I don't have to live up to looking like Angelina Jolie.

Today was a good day. I really feel that I am making a difference in my role and helping as well as getting more management experience. However, I do have a meeting that starts at 6am tomorrow (due to coordination between several countries), and I have to be in the office for it. So, I am going to wrap it up, take care of some personal work I have to do, and get to bed. I have the coffee maker set to start brewing at 5am :-)

You'll never see this sign in Philly...If a Cooper Mini and a Jeep had a kid:Now, I know Filipino's are small people in general, but these are some really big stuffed animals.

Here's a thread from regarding a few pics I posted.


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