Sunday, February 19, 2006

One night in Cavite

Hey! Look! It's us! It's about time for a shot of Kendra and I...I've got pics of everything else here except the authors of this fabulous blog! See- still alive! (several hundred miles from the Leyete mudslides) Still healthy! (Tim is still healthy due to his amazing immune system... Kendra is not doing so well, but is trying to recover before another difficult week coming up.)

This weekend we had the pleasure of spending more time with George, Vanessa, Rene, Crystel and Verna (if you don't remember, they took us on our first excursion out of Makati to Enchanted Kingdom and then to an amazing dinner at dampa).

George, Rene and Verna picked us up outside of our building Saturday evening and drove us to a restaraunt in the Roxas Blvd. Baywalk area of Manila, pointing places of interest around the way. For dinner we had lots of rice, vegetables, fish and steak. Afterwards, we drove to Verna's house, where Vanessa and Crystel were waiting for us. Rene then drove George back to the hospital where he was scheduled to perform an operation. We then watched as the Vanessa, Verna and Crystal opened up the multiple bags of gifts that we brought with us from their friends and family back in the U.S. They were very appreciative of the gifts and tried on alot of their new clothes. Kendra and I then went to bed in an upstairs bedroom (which was very generously given to us to sleep in - the rest of the family slept in the not air conditioned living room!), falling asleep during CNN's re-broadcast of The Daily Show with Jon Stewert, Global Edition.

Woke up the next morning to cats meowing, roosters crowing and a some raven/macaw-type bird making a massive racket (the black one in the top left cage in the picture). Vanesa made us a superb breakfast of eggs, bread, coffee and mangos before we headed off to church.

Because of some insane (read: typical) Manila traffic, we arrived at The First Baptist Church of Manila halfway through the service. The pastor spoke about a 70/30 ratio of Tagalog to English, but was also very expressive with his gestures, so we got the jist of most of it. Afterwards, we were given a lunch of rice, chicken soup with soyote fruit, and dessert of papaya and banana bread prepared by the pastor's wife, who was George's aunt, and their cooks. It was neat to hear of the pastor's experiences at a Filipino church in Texas.

Then it was back to Makati, because Kendra had to get some work done. It was a very fun and interesting weekend, and we are both very thankful for the Repique's for their hospitality and generosity.

Here's Crystel, in her new dress from Raquel and hair clips from Kendra.
The group of us at lunch after Church.
Kitty Cat in Alley
Here's what normal traffic looks like in Manila.

The time:
A Lazy Sunday Morning
The place:
Cavite, Philippines
The characters:
Large Truck
The Pedestrian
Small Child Selling Flowers
(click to open a larger image)
We (Us) are headed down the right side of the street. The Large Truck in the middle of the road is coming directly at Us. The Rickshaw in front of Us is headed off the shoulder to avoid the Large Truck. The Bicyclist is crossing the road in front of Us, perpendicular to traffic flow. The Pedestrian on the shoulder is directly in the Bicyclist's path. The Jeepney is parked facing traffic on the right side of the road.
And the Small Child Selling Flowers is not visable in this shot because she is about 3 years old and is too short to be seen over the dashboard. (hence her broken leg - which Kendra almost can't bear to look at, wishes she could adopt her immediately, and no one seems to understand why this upsets her so much).
Absent from the cast of characters today - anyone remotely responsible for, directing, or otherwise concerned about the traffic or any of these impending collisions.

Wow! Talk about an incentive for good behavior! The ever-present threat of being sent off to Popeyes and turned into a value meal!!

Some cute quotes from from the day: Verna (never one to hold back her opinions) wondered aloud if Kendra's eyelashs were fake (they were not), then proceded to predict that if Kendra and I had a daughter they would no doubt be crowned Miss America.
Then, standing up next to Kendra at the table after lunch, the pastor of The First Baptist Church of Manila exclaimed, "My, you're a big girl!!" (He came up to her midsection).


At 8:25 AM, Blogger Lame Shrill Owl said...

I still wonder what they would do with my 6'4 Andy.

At 9:35 AM, Blogger Tim & Kendra said...

Andy would certainly be the object of much attention there, and would definatly have to watch his head going up escalators.

Kendra and I are within an inch of each other, but she gets more notice because the averge females are so much shorter than the guys.

At 4:41 AM, Blogger Sidney said...

Nice you enjoy your stay in Manila.
I bloghopped from Metroblogging's site.
Funny posts & pictures in your site.
I will link you to my photoblog.
(Blogs (PH))

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