Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Congratulations Julius & Becca!!

Congratulations to Julius for passing his interview at the Embassy for his fiance visa!! (I've met with him several times recently to help him in prepping for the interview and with his English skills). It's the last step in the process (besides physically holding the visa!) before he can fly to the United States to be with his soon-to-be wife Becca. She flew out to be with him during his interview, so we met up for lunch today at the Banana Leaf in Glorietta. It was great to met her in person and hear about their experiences. They are both very excited about finally being together and for their wedding in Chicago in June. We wish them the best of luck and will continue to keep in touch.

For the complete story on these 2, go to their blog about meeting on-line, dating overseas, proposal and so forth.

We've been getting pretty accustomed to our surroundings here, and so alot of things are becoming ordinary sights and everyday occurances, so it's becoming harder to find interesting things to photograph and observe. I need everybody's input for things to document, sights to photograph, or aspects of life that you might be curious about. I'm taking requests until something like another coup attempt comes up!! Let me know!!

[Of course, there's always the street vendors puppy dog!!]


At 12:48 PM, Blogger Dad said...

Congratulations to you Tim on your successful coaching. Remember the night you and I and Jason Hock went to Pine Grove Furance to set up camp and it rained so hard? I noticed your great teaching and coaching skills in action that night. Great job with Julius and so wonderful that you've been able to actually meet Becca - the reason for it all!!


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