Sunday, March 19, 2006

Fridays After Work

This past Friday after work, we had a rescheduled gathering of some of the teammates at the upstairs bar from the office. We attempted to get together last Friday, but were held up until past midnight completing a push, so that didn't work out so well.

[Arvin, Andy, Keysi, Jude, Tristan & Tim]

Tim came to meet me and we all went upstairs for some drinks and snacks. They have tofu and mushrooms for me, but for everyone else it is pig's ears, some type of fried pig's intestine, fried chicken, ans sisig (which is much like the pig's ears, except is also pig's cheeks). Tim took some pictures of the foods.

[Here's the pig's ears (complete with random bits of fur). The intestines taste like really greasy fried chicken skin]

I like these little gatherings because it gives us more of a window into Filipino culture and allows me to get to know some of the team members more personally. They are really interesting people - some hilarious and outgoing, some very quiet...for some it depends on how much Sam Mig Light they drink!!

Next friday we will try to go to an Italian wine bar that Sam (one of my coworkers pictured here with me) sought out and recommended. It sounds great!


At 10:17 AM, Anonymous gremlynne said...

Kendra, soon I will coerce you into eating meat... just kidding! I am happy you are here. Guess who!


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