Sunday, March 19, 2006

Maligayang Bati, Cheska!

[The Birthday Girl and her Mom!!]
Today we went to the McDonald's in BF Homes, Paranaque City for a party for the 2nd birthday of Cheska. You may remember her from our previous post where we met them for dinner at the Banana Leaf. It was nice to have a change of scenery for awhile!

When we arrived, they had the entire main section of the McDonalds seating area decorated for her birthday. The MC of the party was trying very hard to get a bunch of children to line up to play a game (requiring them to take off their shoes and run around in a circle, then put their shoes back on). This wasn't proving very easy as half of them (including Cheska) were crying and arguing over a little red car that they wanted to peddle around the area. The other half were jumping around to the party music which was actually the same exact music you'd hear during ladies night at any hip-hop club in Philly.... the unedited versions... including the "my hump, my hump, my hump" song and "The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!" and a techno remix of the classic 1984 "Axel F" track.

The kids were cute and eventually Cheska started smiling, posing, and joined the dancing.

Little kid Dancer video

On the menu was fried chicken (the Chicken McDo) and rice, french fries, coke, and cookies'n'cream McFlurries.
[The Chicken McDo]
[Kendra gave me her chicken. Here's her side of Mcdonalds Rice)

The highlight was a live appearance by Grimace... albeit a much smaller and shorter Grimace than I remember. He was pretty cute, and even I wanted to hug him, but held back to give the kids a chance. Actually, I was pretty much just afraid that one of the little girls, who was hell bent on seeing Grimace, would shove me out of the way. I saw her kick Grimace in the backside for not turning around and dancing with her... serious stuff. Plus one of the older kids was trying to pinch Grimace's nose shut.


Grimace Dance Video

Little prizes were given out at the end of the evening. Tim and I got a Dumbo and a Mickey. In the gift bags were bouncy balls, coloring books, and bookmarks, which were very cute.

After we returned home, we went on a search for some vegetable-based food and decided to give some of the American chains in the area a shot for once. Sadly, some of our favorite items of the menus of both TGI Friday's and Hard Rock Cafe had not survived the culture shift, so we found ourselves back at the Dusit Thani Thai place for red curry, pad thai and lemon grass soup. Added Bonus for us: They were selling a German dark beer for 75 pesos a bottle.


At 9:00 PM, Blogger Jason&Jen said...

Jason and I just love the adorable dancing Grimace... I wish he would be here so we could visit him!! So cute.. We love you guys.. Love Jen and Jason and of course the kids!


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