Thursday, March 23, 2006

Routine Week


We haven't done a great job of posting interesting things this week. It has been kind of a grind of a week. I haven't been overly passionate about work and I am back to the trend of not sleeping well that happens to me occasionally. Today will probably not be a break in that trend. But, I'll take the oppotunity to update all of you on some things we have planned.

- Yesterday evening we had dinner with Elizabeth again along with two of her friends. We went to a place in Glorietta called Cibo.

- Tomorrow evening Tim and I will go to a neat wine bar with some friends from work. The pictures I have seen are of a small cozy place with brick walls. I'm looking forward to it!

- Saturday we have a very long day of sight seeing planned in Subic Bay. We are going to a Tiger Safari and also have scheduled a Whale Encounter at Ocean Adventure where we will swim with these animals called "False Killer Whales" (which look like dolphins). Stay tuned for those pictures because I am sure Tim will take some awesome pics on that trip. I will be the scribe.

- Coming up in mid-April we have our trip to a resort in Palawan which we are very excited about.

- Coming up in mid-May we are going to Hong Kong. We will stay 2 nights in the city and 2 nights at the Disneyland Hotel and go to Disney! Here is a poll: Who thinks Tim will like the Space Mountain roller coaster???

We are both looking forward to all of that (with the exception of the roller coasters, which I'll likely ride alone)!

Recently, Tim and I met a family from Accenture who has been here for several years. They have been kind enough to fill us in on what they have learned in their time here. So, hopefully we will be adding even more adventures to our list in the next several months.


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