Monday, March 27, 2006

Tiger Sighting!

(Well, to be precise, HE actually saw US first...and thought we were food)

Here are two video clips shot from inside the jeepney at Zoobic Safari.

The first is where we initially encounter the first tiger. The big cat checks out the jeepney with all of us inside (along with the live, juicy chicken!). The guide then swings the chichen around on a string (you can hear it squaking!) and the tiger gets really interested. The Jeepney pulls away, and the tiger begins chase. However, a second, larger tiger is in his path and a vicious growl and a snap of the jaws shows whose boss.

Video One

The second is where the chicken has been flung onto the roof of our jeepney via the string (which the guide is still holding on to). The tiger gives it a good long look before leaping 6-7 feet to the top of the vehicle. (screams from all of us inside). This is where the chicken is quickly dispatched and the tiger returns to the ground, dropping off a small chunk for his buddy. Screams and laughter from all the kids. A few quick bites and the chicken is dinner.

Video Two

And just for kicks, here's a pretty flower that was in the Butterfly Garden.


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