Monday, April 10, 2006

Boxing and Pepto Don't Mix

I know there will be a lot of upset people out there who were hoping to see more of Tim's wonderful pictures. Well, I am afraid there will be no pictures today. Tim is sick :-(

This morning we started our Boxing/Tae Kwan Do classes. We were having fun and learning our punches and kicks when half way through Tim turned white as a sheet and had to leave the room. He felt nauseous and had a horrible stomach ache. I finished the lesson and then then instructor did some special stretches to Tim to try to help his belly, and then it was back up stairs.

I stayed until a little after 8:00am to help get Tim settled and make sure he was OK and then I went to work. I came back a little after noon to work from home, though, because he wasn't getting better. I stopped at Rustan's on the way home (the Whole-Foods-like grocery store) because I wasn't going to take a chance at food substitutes to make him better. I needed the broccoli and daikon radish, ginger, garlic, squash, onion, tomato, carrot, and boullion cubes I always make for him when he is sick. (Tim doesn't get sick too often, but when he does it is usually pretty bad).

Right now he has had several bowls of the soup, lots of juice, and is sleeping on and off. I especially want him to get better soon, because this weekend we have a great mini-vacation planned that we have been looking forward to since we got here!

Here is a psuedo-picture for you. It is an insert from the grocery store:
These selections are in PhP (Philipine Pesos) per Kilogram. You can approximate how much the items are in USD per Pound by dividing the cost listed by 112. But before you get too excited, realize the average wage here as well as general living expenses are much lower than in the US. I would say if you view the purchasing power here in real terms, trying to even out the other variables and looking at a typical basket of goods, things are about twice as expensive in the US.

In case you think I am the only one nerdy enough to try to figure that out, you are wrong. My friend Sam (a Filipino who was staffed in the US in the past) also did the calcutions independent of me when he was in the US and came to about the same conclusion ;-)


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