Monday, April 03, 2006

Caricatures and Marshmellows

When I got to work today, one of my team members, Kat, had drawn this little caricature of me on cardstock and had it cut out nicely. Not to be vain, but I thought it was very cute (due to her artistic talent). The thing I am sitting on is not a spiky yoga ball. Rather it is a rendition of one of the many stress relief balls that my mom got me for Christmas. The team calls this particular ball "urchin" and I think this drawing is the only time I have been seen with the ball in quite some time. The team took almost all of the stress relief balls to play with and have broken all of them accidentally except this one :-) It is cute that they like them so much.

Now to the marshmellow part. I had to return early from work today to lay down. I have had steadily increasing symptoms of some health problems since I got here and I was not sure what was going on. Lately it has been worse and I have had trouble breathing. When I got my massage on Sunday I noticed that my organs were tender and hurting as though they were swollen. Today I realized I was retaining a lot of water - I mean a lot - to the point that I am puffy and my clothes are a little tight. I went to the clinic today and had my blood pressure taken because Tim did some research and said that my sodium might be too high combined with the heat. My blood pressure was 110/70, which is a little high for me (it is usually only 90/70), but still completely normal. We thought about it more and it could also be that here I eat Campbell's soup almost every day for lunch, which has a lot of sodium. At home I don't eat canned soups. So, whatever. I feel like a chubby marshmellow and I hate it. Tim said he will exercise with me on the bike tomorrow in case that helps.

This is Elizabeth's last week here, so we took her to dinner tonight. We will say goodbye to her on Thursday when Tim goes with her again to the girls' home and she will come up and say goodbye to me afterwards.

Ending thought: Tomorrow the entire Makati area is conducting an earthquake evacuation training drill. City fire trucks will respond, and sirens and alarms may be heard briefly, but this is only a drill. Should a real emergency arise, you would be advised over the public address system.


At 8:43 PM, Blogger Jen said...

Hi Kendra! I hope you feel better soon. Make sure to keep drinking water! That should help if you have too much sodium in your system.

At 2:20 PM, Blogger Lame Shrill Owl said...

That's so sweet of your co-worker to draw that picture. She's very talented.


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