Tuesday, April 18, 2006

CLUB NOAH, PALAWAN – DAY 4 (Departure and Return Trip)

We had a morning call at 5:00am to finish getting our things together. We had done most of the packing the night before. We headed to the terrace for a 5:30am breakfast, paid our bill, turned in our questionnaire, and headed for the main pier for a final time for our 6:30am departure for the small boat, large boat, jeepney ride, and flight. Various staff members were there to send us off. We were leaving at the same time as several other couples. We waited so long I needed my coffee, so I asked for some coffee and took it with me on the small boat and the large boat. That was probably kind of humorous to the staff, but I didn’t spill any!

We waved to the staff and thanked everyone for their efforts and all the hard work. Despite some of our frustrating moments, the staff definitely worked super hard and tried their best, and we realized that. And apart from all the people-aspects, this was still one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen.

[Last view of some out-of-this-world water- transfering to the big river boat.]

[Tim’s Final Note: We rested in the early morning sunlight as we rode on the roof of the boat, enjoying the refreshing breeze as it gently rocked us back and forth on the waves across the ocean and into the mouth of the river. As we entered the river, the banks closed in on us, thick with vegetation and the incessant buzzing of thousands of insects in the trees.

[Vegetation along the shores of the river]

[It's a long trip... sometimes you just gotta take a nap]
[Some of the daily activity from the local residents of the river bank]
[Our driver and navigators]
[Jungle, Jungle][The small boat docking at the bamboo walkway][This is the small village where we transfered to the Jeepney]

We transferred to a smaller boat, crossed the rickity bamboo bridge over the swamp and into the Jeepney for the final leg back to the airport. At the airport, we bought a few small souvenirs from the women there as we waited. During that time, a plane full of arriving guests landed on the dirt runway and we feed the stray dogs there some bread. We watched as our plane was refueled by hand-cranked pump from 2 large and rusting steel drums. We said goodbye to the Club Noah staff and boarded the plane for the hour and 20 minute flight back to Manila. The last 15 minutes had some pretty good turbulence, so we were glad to be on the ground.

[Hand-operated refuel system]

[Check-in ticket counter, customer service, baggage claim and First-aid station all in one]

Picked up our baggage, called for our car and made our way back to Makati, not quite home, but home for now. A grand adventure to say the least!!.


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At 5:20 AM, Anonymous NIkki Walker said...

Very entertaining blog. My husband and I are planning on going to Club Noah this year for our 10 year reunion and it was really nice to read some real feedback. I'm really excited to go now and even more excited since they are just finishing up a renovation I hear. Thanks, Nikki Walker

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