Sunday, May 21, 2006

The News this Week

First off, a big happy "CONGRATULATIONS!!" to Jess and Andy Miller, our good friends from Minnesota. Their first child, Isabel Grace, was delivered at 10:21 am Saturday morning, without any major complications. She weighed in at 7 lbs, 2 oz and is 21 inches long.
No drugs neccesary! Way to go!

[Jess and Andy B.C. (before-child)]

We're so very happy for them both and wish them the best of luck and happiness with the new family of three. For those of you expectant mothers out there (and we know there are several reading this regularly!), you'll find a fabulous resource in Jessica's blog And Baby Makes Three.

In it, she's thouroughly documented every step along the way, from a positive self-pregnacy test to the last few minutes of her contractions before they left for the hospital. It's all there- physical and emotional, described in a personal, down-to-earth manner along with extensive medical research she's done herself and what she's experienced personaly (many times in graphic detail!). I'm sure it will be a helpful resource for alot of people.

On Sunday around 11am, Kendra and I took a car over to Heritage Park, where a fund-raising Walk-a-Thon was taking place for UNICEF. Kendra had gotten some information from the super-friendly guys over at the Starbucks in the Manila stock exchange building (who all know her by name and will fall over each other trying to serve her!). When we arrived, we found that the Starbucks people had shown up super-early and had already walked and left, so we put in our donations, pinned on our numbers and took a stroll through the park. It was a really pretty area, but the temperature and humidty were rising fast, so we didn't stay too long afterwards. It looked like a fairly big event, with bands playing and various food and drink vendors set up along the course. And a good way to help out some needy kids.

Later that night we took a walk down to a Japanese restaraunt on Pasay road called Kisakura. As we walked in, we were greeted by 3 women at the front desk, who bowed to us and led us into the dining area. Standing around the room were probbaly 10-15 other servers and staff, all smiling and bowing as we walked by. The place had a wonderfully calm atmosphere, with the sounds of birds and water coming over the speakers and a section consisting of low tables for sitting on the floor. We ordered vegetable tempura, some maki rolls, wine and miso soup for Kendra and for me a large bottle of Asahi and a bowl of rice/mushroom soup. The food was great and the service was fantastic (what else would you expect with half a dozen people hovering around your table...I couldn't even pour my own soy sauce!) The meal ended with some greenish gelatin dessert with fruit. An excellent meal indeed!

In other news, the first Filipino has succesfully summited Mt. Everest! In fact, 3 of them have done it within this past week. This had been followed closely by my Dad, an avid Everest fanatic, who could give you details of every stage of the journey from memory alone.

Arturo Valdez (the first guy up) quoted Erwin Emata’s (2nd guy) first words upon reaching the peak: "Summit to base camp, summit to base camp. Ang ginaw-ginaw dito (It’s so cold up here!)."

Head back to Manila,'s about 100 degrees in the shade.


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