Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Happy Birthday, Tim!

Today is Tim's 29th birthday! Yay, Tim! This year will mark for both of us the year at which we have known each other for longer than we have not known each other. Not that this means much, but it is interesting nonetheless. His birthday reminds me that I am proud to be married to Tim and proud of all he has accomplished in his life and of the man he is and is becoming. I truly think that Tim can do anything he sets his mind to, even if he doesn't always think so. Usually once he is up against a new thing, he ends up meeting and exceeding the challenge.

This year, our celebrations for Tim's birthday, our anniversary, and my birthday will likely all be pretty low key, since our upcoming trip to Australia will be a gift to each other for all of these dates, possibly including Christmas as well!

Tim started his birthday celebration with a massage this afternoon. This was not only for relaxing purposes, but also we have been joking (in a not funny but morbid way) that Tim might have hip dysplasia like a German Shepherd. First one hip and then the other started really hurting him. He has been trying to exercise it off but to no avail, so he will get a massage and see if that helps. (Chalk this up to the long list of things we need to get thoroughly checked out when we return to the US, but I really hope this does not hurt him even more when we go to Australia with the hiking we will be doing).

After his massage, he came to meet me at work and we left to have him choose a restaurant for dinner. In Greenbelt 1 there are just dozens and dozens of great looking restaurants that we have not tried, and the environment there is also really great and beautiful with lots of trees and flowers. As I was wrapping up work, I was thinking that the fact that there is a typhoon blowing through tonight could either add to the romantic dinner or ensure that we practice our survival skills returning home.

Tim chose to eat at Pasha, a mediterranean restaurant. We sat outside and watched the storm get closer and enjoyed the nice breezes. The food was very good, and Tim really liked his present.

For a gift, I chose a card for Tim and also got him a Cancer (zodiac) bookmark and the Lonely Planet book on Australia which is the length of a Bible. The only one larger than this on the shelf was the book for the USA. Yes, I admit it - this is the type of gift that is for both of us, but I figured Tim could look at it during the days to help plan what else he wants to do during our visit.

Here is what it says on his bookmark:

June 22 - July 22
Intuitive & Imaginative
Wise & Determined
Sympathetic & Loving
Sentimental & Emotional
Astute & Cautious
* Caring Protector *

Here is what it says on his card:



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Happy Birthday Tim!


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