Sunday, July 16, 2006

Six!! (Can You Believe It?)

Yesterday, June 15th, 2006, I celebrated 6 years of marriage to the most amazing person in the world. I couldn't imagine there existing a more special, caring, generous, intelligent and thoughtful woman on the planet and I'm grateful for every day we have together. Whether those days are shared in Philly, apart in various U.S. cities for work, or in a 3rd world country halfway around the globe, I'm truly blessed to be loved so much by such a person. She's accepted me for the person I am but has also encouraged me to grow in a million different ways to better myself and our marriage. For that and so much more I'm eternally grateful and appreciative.

We've had some crazy adventures ever since we met each other when we were 14 years old at summer camp, and these past 6 months have been some of the wildest. We've seen nature's beauty beyond our imagination as well as human living conditions just as far from what we've ever seen before. We've had relaxing and fun times as well those that were personally challenging and severly frustrating. Whatever the situation, it's been a blessing just to be able to experience them together and have the memories to share for a lifetime.

I'm proud and honored to have these last 6 years and am excited to see what else the future brings for Kendra and I! Stay least you know it won't be boring!!!

[Circa 1994, Kenbrook Bible Camp, Lebanon, Pennsylvania]
[Here's to many more years with my Baby!!!]

To celebrate, we took a walk over to the Shangri-La Hotel Makati for their beyond-fabuluous dinner buffet at Circles. We didn't call ahead for reservations and they turned out to be full, so we took a seat in the beautiful lobby lounge to wait with some drinks and a sushi appetizer. Kendra had a glass of red wine and I ordered a Japanese margarita. Our menus were taken from us before I had a chance to read all of the ingredients, but it was pretty good in a mysterious sweet & sour type of way. As our appetizers were being brought to us, a table for two opened up and we relocated to a great spot along the windows with a view of the waterfall and about 30 feet of dense, man-made jungle, effectivly creating a small spot of peace in the midst of the weekend insanity just beyond.

The buffet was spectacular and we both filled up on every imaginable type of ethnic dish; Kendra going for salmon, mashed potatoes and cauliflower, and I found some pork ribs that must have been slow roasting for days. Of course, the best comes last at Circles, with a flowing fountain of chocolate, in which you can dip an assortmant of bite-sized cakes, fruits and marshmellows. By the time we signed the check, we both were delieriously full and slowly made our way back to home.

Of course, we didn't make it home before checking out some super-cool soap products at the Lush store in Glorietta. It's like Bath & Body Works meets Nickelodean. Check out their website, and their funky jelly soap product:


At 10:25 AM, Blogger Jen said...

Hey guys, happy anniversary! Sounds like you had a nice night of celebration. I think you'll remember this one for years to come!

Counting down the days till you are back from the typhoon zone. Speaking of, have you guys seen Inconvenient Truth yet? You really should.

At 11:08 AM, Blogger Tim & Kendra said...

We have not seen it, although it seems to have a huge impact on those who have watched it! We'll check it out when we get back.


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