Wednesday, July 26, 2006

T Minus 10......

If we were still at Kenbrook (the camp where Tim and I met), we would probably have been getting ready for Christmas in July last night. I didn't even think about that until I wrote down the date and it came to mind. This is a rather festive little celebration put on with a huge meal and decorations and skits which take everyone's mind off of the fact that it is actually very hot outside and it hasn't been Christmas or really a major holiday for many months now.

As it was, we were in the Philippines and were experiencing the last battle cry of Typhoon Glenda which caused our originally scheduled dinner location to be cancelled. So, instead, we had dinner at Grappa's in Greenbelt with Andy, Lottie (my work replacement), Keysi, and Sam. It was really nice of everyone to come out with us and had a great time.

Grappa's is mostly an Italian restaurant so you would think the wine would be the main draw. However, they also brew their own Czech beer, and that ends up being a far bigger attraction for most. Of course I did have several glasses of wine regardless (still not a big beer drinker), and I even tried a small glass of the Grappa wine (which was actually a grape-based spirt tasting like a raw fuel source- 90 proof) after which the restaurant was named.

After a lot of fun conversation, teasing, and jokes that only Tim (and sometimes not even Tim) really understood, we all headed home in our separate directions. We were pretty beat so we went to sleep soon after that. Sometime in the night we lost electricity which shut down the computer and turned off our alarm clock. As a result, I didn't actually get up until it was 8:00am and the sun was already blasting through the windows into our eyes. This of course let to much teasing at work that it was the Grappa wine which kept me away from work. My reply - "No guys. It wasn't the wine. If you thought I was tipsy based on my attempt at humor, remember that you NEVER get my humor." (Not that I am an overly funny person to begin with).

After today we are down to 10 more days in Manila. The time is starting to move a little faster and our departure now seems more imminent. I am realizing that we have to finish sorting through a lot of stuff and get things packed into piles for Australia and our Shipment home. Also, I will definitely miss many of my co-workers. But for most people, there is no place like home!

[The other night we had some drinks and dessert at Bed Space in Greenbelt. It looks like it was taken right out of Old City Philly with it's posh interior and modern design. It has some cool lighting and some low couches and tables. It also had a high-powered green laser generator which are highly regulated in the U.S. and would never be allowed in such a small venue. Their dessert menu consisted of a half-dozen varieties of Crème brûlée.]


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