Monday, July 31, 2006

Top Ten....Number 6

A short, 2-hour plane ride takes us cross country to a land and culture which fit both of us very well- as well as to a Magical Fairytale Land all it's own and a fantastic meal made by monks. Number 6 on the countdown takes us to:

Hong Kong

It was really tough deciding which shot to post for Number 6, which speaks to the wide variety of places and situations that we found ourselves in during our short 5 day trip to Hong Kong. A lot of great shots were taken of the city, it's scenery and it's people, but I finally had to go with a shot of us looking extremely happy! A very different place, indeed, but we fell in love with the city as soon as we experienced the efficiency and speed of the airport staff, the MTR transit and the hotel shuttle system and all-around customer service.

The bird-flu scanners and the ever-present hand sanitzing stations gave us a great peace of mind, even though we did end up with a small roach situation in our first hotel room. After a beautiful night cruise on the harbor (which the planning for was competant beyond anything we'd experienced previously), we dove into the chaotic atmosphere of the local night market, where we utilized our honed bargaining skills for some great and unique finds.

The next few days found us in a traditional fishing village surrounded by dried fish products and buying amazing hand-painted artwork from an old man and his wife. A few hours later, we're staring up at a 112-foot high, 250-ton bronze Buddha, enveloped in thick clouds of incense and enjoying at Buddhist-prepared feast of vegetables.

24 hours later, we're deep into the (literally!) magical world of Hong Kong DisneyLand (complete with it's own MTR train), taking pictures with Daffy Duck and reverting back to childhood on the Winnie The Pooh rides. (I, personally revert back to my deepest and darkest panic-ridden nightmares when I attempt to ride Space Mountain). Retiring back to a humourously decorated (but never approaching cheesey) DisneyLand Hotel, we are again treated to exceptional service and a near-perfection assortment of veggies prepared at the Crystal Lotus.

What a trip it was! Certainly worth a 20-hour plane ride for a second visit sometime!!!

It was also a fun trip to write about.... some of our best Tim/Kendra-style tag team narrative are on these posts!

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