Saturday, July 29, 2006

Top Ten....Number 8

The number 8 spot goes to one of the most beautiful places on this Planet:

Getting there was an adventure all in itself. The prop plane/jeepney/river boat combination took us through deep jungle onto water that was an almost unreal color of blue. From the houses on stilts which overlooked the schools of brightly colored fish to the fabulous evening sunsets, this place was a shining jewel on the ocean a million miles from anywhere. We stayed busy with kayaking, snorkeling and a strenuous hike through the steep and densly vegetated mountainside above the resort. And we attempted (unsuccesfully) to fish, too! Then there was the trip across the bay to explore a dark cavern filled with deep water, covered in razor sharp barnacles.

We ran into some issues with the whole idea of "Filipino Time" and lack of proper planning for activities, but every night we saw a baby shark swiming under our hut in the green "fish lights" and enjoyed lots of good food and evening "Pride of the Philippines" dances by the staff.

The natural surroundings were stunning, and we were completly safe the whole time thanks to the "Men With Guns". What a beautiful place! Kendra and I would love to visit here again!


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