Thursday, August 03, 2006

We're Packin'

Well, our house now looks like it did on Day One. Empty.

Last night, after posting Number 3 on our list, we shut down the PC for the last time, disconnected all the parts and packed it back in it's styrofoam and cardboard. Then came a thourough sweep of all drawers, shelves, cupboards and closets for anything we might have left behind that we didn't want to take to Australia.

This morning, 4 guys from Sante Fe Relocation Services arrived, and in the same professional fashion that we experienced moving out of our condo in Philadelphia, everything was wrapped up and packed up for our shipment for home. Again, we were impressed at the level of efficiency and care that was put toward our material possesions (for the amount of money this is costing, it certainly should be this way, but nonetheless, it was impessive).

Three big boxes, a roll of bubble wrap, several hundred sheets of wrapping paper and an hour and a half later, we're now back to where this whole adventure began. Our bags for Australia are packed and ready to go, complete with extra outfits for the 10 hour plane ride. Kendra's heading out to her last afternoon at work and I'm making arrangments for our check-out and transportation to the airport tommorow.

Our accumulated Filipino Peso change jar has been converted into larger bills, and I was able to sell my cell-phone for 1,300 pesos at a kiosk down by the jeepney depot. I'm sure I got the Dumb White Guy Deal, but it's worth nothing to me in the U.S., so I'm happy with what I got.

We're also writing Thank You notes with some tip money to the various staff around the Oakwood, including Vic, our housekeeper, who created a rabbit and a flower out of washclothes with a Thank You note of his own, and put our Skype headset on the rabbit's head. How cute!


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