Monday, November 27, 2006

Pardon the Slight (3 month) Delay.....

We've been a little busy.

We did as well as we could with publishing to the blog at random metropolitan spots in Australia, however as soon as we took off from Melbourne International Airport (on August 17th!) we became inundated with the task of returning to the U.S., (first to Los Angeles Airport) and getting back to our Philadelphia home.

It's really weird to come home again after 6 months. It takes a little while to adjust back. Once we did, both Kendra and I got bombed hard with work, and it's just been now (the week after Thanksgiving!) that we've had a little time to breathe.

Who knows what kind of time we'll be able to have to regain the upper hand in our Blog-posting game, (of which we're quickly losing) but there's more than enough stories, events and pictures from the past few months to keep me, Kendra, and our hired team of monkeys with typewriters really really busy!!!

There's the rest of Australia, multiple weddings, multiple infant children, family events and all sorts of drama to cover......

Stay tuned. Be patient. It's never boring around here.