Friday, December 15, 2006

One Year in History....

Today in History:
December 15th, 2005:
The birth of "What's Up in our World", the Official blog of Tim and Kendra.

The first post (entitled "The Dawn of the Blog") was created while waiting for a video conference test of the Year End Business Review for one of our clients. Today's post, exactly one year later, is being created this morning as I wait for the 2006 version of the same show to start.

It's been a wild year, full of new experiences, growth, challenges, travel, fun and hard work. Alot of it has been documented on the blog and many of you have shared in following our crazy lives as they happen to be at this moment. Kendra and I both thank you for staying tuned to our experiences and sharing your own happenings with us.

As the previous post mentioned, things have been particularly nuts for both of us since returning from the Philippines via Australia, so not much has made it into the Blogosphere, but we plan on working on that. Posting our day-to-day happenings worked wonders while we were in Manila for keeping family and friends informed, but it was also a heck of a lot easier, with at least one of us having plenty of time for creating and posting content online.

So, now with a show that's not demanding my constant attention, I'll attempt to put up some shots taken recently of some friends and their children.

The first is of Jessica and Andy, and the newly minted Isabel Grace. We took a weekend trip up to Minnesota in October to visit them, see the newborn and do some of our old favorite St. Paul, Minnesota things. The day to day growth of Isabel can be followed on their blog "And Baby Makes Three".

In true Kendra and Tim fashion, we stumbled onto the quintessential tiny rural neighborhood bar where we got a up close and personal encounter with some colorful local characters.

The second set is from a very fun day spent baking Christmas cookies at the house in West Chester of our friends Ann & Mary and their son, Ben. Kendra's co-worker Lanie and her husband, Keith also particpated in the dough-rolling, cookie decorating fun.
(Ben's growing up can be followed along at "All About Ben")

Alot of the cookie dough and icing ended up on the outside of Ben rather than inside.

Stay Tuned!!!: One of us dresses up as a famous Christmas Holiday character and spreads joy amoung dozens of Philadelphia area toddlers!!! Pictures on their way!!


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It looks like he is having so much fun getting messy hands.


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