Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Reading Terminal and A Spoiled Kitty

On Wednesday, under the incorrect assumption that spring would mean warm temperatures, I decided to go to the Reading Terminal to get groceries at the market. I used to do this more often, but haven't been there in awhile. So, I put on my trusty backpack and headed out. On the way, I stopped in at the pharmacy to drop off Tim's prescription. (He has had a bad cold for awhile, and ignored it until it became nearly pneumonia. Hence the need for two prescriptions now).

I ended up getting a ton of vegetables filling the entire back pack and making me feel like I was hiking the Appalachian Trail. I stopped in at one of the Amish stands to get some meat for Tim. I got a big Turkey breast to make for dinner and chicken breasts and cheese. After this, I hiked on home, losing about 5 lbs worth of snot from my runny nose and sweat from the 50 pounds of food I was carrying. I am not sure why I thought this was an acceptable practice previously. It will be more simple to have a garden.

I spent the afternoon cleaning and prepping all the veggies and de-skinned and rubbed a marinade on the Turkey. By the time Tim got home, the food was about done, and I set the table.

Here is where the humorous moments come in. The previous weekend, my parents were in town because my dad was presiding over a wedding in Society Hill. I made them coconut chicken breast and broccoli for lunch. My dad was feeding Elora pieces of chicken, which appears to have spoiled her forever.

As Tim was attempting to enjoy his Turkey, a very curious Elora jumped up behind him and started peering over his shoulder. Then she was loudly begging for pieces of Turkey. Tim ended up giving her several pieces. The whole thing was rather amusing. Way to go, Popo :-)

Here are some blurry pictures that I took of the whole thing. Apparently, my vision is getting even worse than before. I thought the pics were in focus... guess not.

[Elora peering suspiciously over Tim's shoulder to see what the nice smell was...]

[Tim giving in and feeding Elora Turkey]


At 8:27 AM, Blogger Dad said...

Photo may have been a bit blurry but we definitely "get the picture!" Sounds like a good time was had by all 3 of you.


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