Saturday, March 24, 2007

Some Spring Saturday Fun

Today Kendra and I took a walk to South St. via a new route. The Delaware River and Penn's Landing area are only a few blocks from our house but we've rarely ever been down to that side of I-95. So this morning after breakfast we took a stroll down 2nd St. to Market (with a short detour down Elfreth's Alley). We took the pedestrian bridge over the highway and down the stairs to the paved pathway following the river. It was a nice walk, on a somewhat warm and cloudy day with only one group of rather annoying high school kids pelting each other with fallen tree debris.

We crossed back over to the city at the South St. bridge and had a great lunch at Kildare's Pub, whose bartenders can create pure magic with a pint of Guiness mixed with various other brewed beverages. On the way back home, Kendra got a quick eyebrow wax at Strands while I rented a copy of Unknown at Neon Video. (Check out Neon's cool lateral-scrolling website!). The last feature we picked up from there was Tony Jaa in Tom yun goong (The Protector) - a very cool kung-fu flick which is made all the more cooler by the fact that there were no wires or stunt doubles used and contains one of the longest, no-cut fight scenes (a 4 minute+ fight up a flight of stairs -here's the clip, and remember that the one here in the movie is the 6th and final take -that's some crazy athleticism). Here's a clip of a great kung-fu scene in a temple with a few inches of water on the floor- oh, and the temple's on fire, too!!! Great Stuff!

Monday is Kendra's 4th round of interviews at a company which will become public knowledge once she gets and accepts an offer from them (which hopefully will be soon!). She's been doing very well during this in-between-job-time at keeping her spirits up and stress levels down as well as keeping us on our budget, now temporarily tweaked for a 60% decrease in income.

My work has been going well. Lots of fun projects to work on and some pretty cool shows where the other guys and I have been able to inject some creativity for a little non-corporate freedom. I've also put together a short video highlighting the aspects of a boardroom at Neumann College that our integration department designed and installed.