Thursday, March 22, 2007

Surprise Gifts!

Last week (3/15) I resigned from my job of nearly eight years. It has been an interesting couple of weeks for me as I figure out what comes next and spend some time at home. Although it was the right decision for me to move onto something else without so much travel, I enjoyed several years with great people as co-workers and clients. I know I will definitely miss them.

Despite all the great people I worked with, I was still very surprised to receive a very generous gift from some of them today! When Tim came home he was carrying two large boxes for me. They were full of gifts from Hershey! How exciting!

The first box contained a gorgeous pink and chocolate brown hat box filled with bath products - all chocolate themed. The second box contained a tower of Hershey food products, which I will have to be hiding from Mr. Chocolate Monster (a.k.a. Tim) :-) (Just kidding...I will share). There is a tin of rolos, pot of gold pecan clusters, chocolate covered pretzels, Hershey chocolate nuggets, and a large box of assorted Hershey chocolates!

Here are some pictures for the benefit of my co-workers far away who may not have seen what they sent. I am very touched by your gesture! I wish you were closer, and I would share these with you :-)

[Thanks, Mike, Mark, Brock, Lottie, Rax, and Dera!]

[Me with a big smile!]


At 7:11 PM, Blogger Speedcat Hollydale said...

Mmmmmmmm, chocolate!

I like Tobeloni must try one of these.

Speedcat Hollydale

At 11:03 AM, Anonymous keysikip said...

hi kendra! =D i miss you and tim! i STILL cannot believe you left the company. hasn't sunk in yet! i passed by M cafe a while ago and i remember our dinner there. good days. i hope to see you soon... maybe a couple of months? i will surprise you guys! =D


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