Saturday, June 09, 2007

Redesigned Bling

Today was the one day I had at home between last week's trip for work (New York City) and next week's trip for work (San Francisco), and wouldn't you know it, Kendra had to go in for her first Saturday work today too. But it was all good because I got a call on Friday that Kendra's ring had come in.

The ring that we had gotten for our wedding (now nearly 7 years ago!) was a thin platinum band with 12 small diamonds in a row in a channel setting along the top. Fairly soon after, the band started to get bent up and misshapen, mainly due to how thin it was at the bottom. We've taken it in for straightening several times, but it's got progressively weaker and worse. I started putting aside some cash from time to time for a replacement a few years ago, so this last time that Kendra complained about her ring being out of shape, I had her leave it with me on my day off the other week and took a stroll down to Jeweler's Row here in Philly.

There's about 300 jewelers, designers, diamond cutters, setters, goldsmiths, wax makers and polishers in a 2 block radius, so it would take a whole week to shop around, so I just trusted my intuition and picked a place at random. The people inside were great and had a number of ideas about replacing the ring. I had wanted to do something that would be a little more sturdier and tougher than the one she had now, but with using the same stones from the original, and they were all for it. We decided on a white gold band, thicker and more uniform in size, with a new, larger single diamond at the top and the 12 original smaller diamonds in a scatter set (alternating sides) around the rest of the diameter. They were also able to take a few extra dollars off by buying the remaining platinum band back.

They had told me 3 weeks to finish it, but they left as message on Friday and said it was ready. So, I walked back today and they had it waiting for me. It looked really cool and they were able to keep all 13 stones flush with the surface of the band, which was nice. I thanked them all and took off with the ring and picked up a bottle of wine up on 2nd street. It was a lovely sunny day and lots of people were out on the streets. When Kendra came home, I showed her the ring and she loved it. She immediately put it on (well, after she had me take pictures of it for the blog) and wouldn't put anything in her hand that might smudge it. We went for sushi at Kisso and dessert at Patou, during which she kept raving about the ring. It does look pretty neat (pictures below).

Now were watching a documentary about the disturbing Gray Man, Albert Fish. Tomorrow it's off to San Fran.


At 7:48 AM, Blogger Isabel's Mommy said...

That is beautiful and very unique. I have never seen anythin like it. You have to like that it is different. Andy helped with the design of mine and I love that no one has one like mine. (Well, they might now since they had to make the mold to make it and someone else might have asked for one from that mold - but mine was the first!)


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