Sunday, July 08, 2007

Celebrations for Sherry and More

The last few weeks have been pretty hectic for both of us. Tim has posted some updates on his work and the various shows he has been doing. He has also been spending time on his music and photography web pages.

As for me, I've been busy with work, and I made two weekend trips back to central PA to help Sherry celebrate her upcoming wedding. Sherry, Tim, and I have been friends since we were 13 and have remained very close. We all met at Kenbrook Camp. She is getting married July 20th in Costa Rica, and we are looking forward to the wedding and vacationing there afterwards. After the wedding, Tim, Brian (another long time friend), and I will travel around the country for a week before coming back. CAN'T WAIT!

Anyway... The weekend of June 30 - July 1, I spent in Lancaster County. This was a very packed weekend. Saturday morning I headed out early at around 6:00am to meet my family for breakfast at 8:30am. After breakfast I got my hair done by my sister and then went to pick up the cake for Sherry's surprise bridal shower on Sunday. After this, my mom and I went to the Filipino-American friendship day celebration at the home of Jim and Raquel (friends from my parents church who were very helpful to us as we prepared to go to the Philippines last year). After the party we met up with my sister and went to see the movie "The Evening." It was a great movie, and we were all bawling. Well, we were all bawling in between the numerous disruptions we seemed to cause. My sister's cell phone rang a few times even though she said it was turned to vibrate. Then, in a crucial point of the movie, I spilled part of the $30 worth of snacks we had. We tried to recover gracefully from both incidents. We went out to dinner together at Carrabba's where we had a great meal and more great conversation. Finally, we had dessert at Mosby's Pub in Mount Joy. It is always good to have mom and sister time, and I wish it could happen more often.

That Sunday I spent the morning with my mom. We went out for coffee and ran some errands. Then in the afternoon I headed to Harrisburg for Sherry's bridal shower. I arrived in time to help set up. Sherry was not entirely surprised, but appreciated the shower all the same. Her mom and step-mom had put the shower together, which was very nice.

About the only mishap of the shower was that in my attempts to prevent a cute but rambunctious child from pulling the tablecloth out from under all the food and drinks, I picked her up only to get sneezed on numerous times. Two days later my throat is practically shut with pain, my head is throbbing, and my neck is in all kinds of pain. This started the night of the 3rd and lasted through the week. I missed Thursday from work and caused poor Tim to also miss most of the Fourth of July festivities on Wednesday taking care of me.

[My thoughts are being disrupted by an hour long wait outside with Elora when the fire alarm went off in our building. There was a small fire on the 5th floor.]

So, back to the story. After mostly recovering from the illness, I was back to Harrisburg this weekend for Sherry's bachelorette party. Nicole (the long time girlfriend of Sherry's brother, Heath) organized the party and created a long list of dares for Sherry to do. We started out with a nice civilized dinner at Scott's and then became less civilized from there :-) Some of Sherry's successfully executed dares included getting a guy to give her the shirt off his back (done with much dancing and excitement on the part of the victim), getting a guy to let her put lipstick on him (after which Sherry wiped it off with the bottom of her shirt), getting a guy to sing to her, walk the length of the bar doing the wedding march, etc. Some of the impromptu dares included a karaoke song - "Straight Up" by Paula Abdul - for which I joined her in moral support. At the end of the night, we went dancing at Eclipse and had a great time. I volunteered to be the DD not only because I wanted her to arrive home alive, but because I was not sure Harrisburg could really handle both Sherry and I running around wild!

Everyone got home safe and sound. It was great to be able to have this special night with the girls in preparation for Costa Rica. Sometimes it is nice to let down the seriousness of life and just have fun and play around.

So, now I am dead tired. Elora is sacked out in the hall from all the excitement of the fire alarm scaring her, being stuffed into her carrier and run down 6 flights of stairs, waiting outside with other people, children, dogs, and cats for an hour, and then being brought back up. Tim and I are planning a nice relaxing afternoon before the start of the work week again.

Only another week and a half until Costa Rica!


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