Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Costa Rica (Day 8) Departure

We had managed to get to bed by about 9pm the night before. So, even though Brian’s phone cum alarm clock rang at 3am, we still got about 6 hours of sleep, which seemed like an eternity for this whirlwind, action-packed trip!

We drug ourselves out of bed and finished getting ready. It was definitely a baseball cap morning for all of us. Tim went ahead to check out of the room and we called the front desk to come get our bags.

As Brian and I stumbled up the steps, we saw that our driver was Enne again! We were actually hoping it would turn out to be Enne because we had found the entire tipping situation to be so confusing that we felt later perhaps we had undertipped him on some of the earlier trips. We had planned to give him an extra big tip this time. We felt bad, though, because each time we had Enne as our driver, the three of us had either been exhausted or up at the crack of dawn and hadn't been very good company as he drove us around the countryside.

Our drive to the airport was foggy and dark, and Enne had Bob Marley music playing. It was a very surreal feeling to be riding along winding roads past places we had visited the day before, but without being able to really see where we were going until we were right on top of a sharp turn. We were competing with large trucks for the road, and if we hadn’t already driven with Enne several times, I might have been scared.

After about an hour, we arrived at the airport safely, gave Enne the tip we had planned (he was very happy), and headed in to check in. Before getting our boarding passes, we had to pay our $26 each exit fee. After this we stood in line at the ticket counter. The lines were long and moving exceedingly slow. It took an entire hour to get our tickets and get through security. That doesn’t seem like a lot until you remember it was 5am.

Once we were in the terminal, Brian set off for some last minute souvenirs and Tim and I shared a small cheese pizza for breakfast.

As we waited for the plane, we were sad our vacation was coming to an end. It was a wonderful vacation, but man, are we tired!


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