Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Politics and Music

On Monday, IMS had the opportunity to provide some lighting, audio and video support to the 2007 Presidential Candidates Forum put on by ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) here in Philadelphia. Joe, Pepe and myself had the lovely task of setting up lights for the main stage, a projector and 10.5x14 foot screen for the overflow room, audio feeds for the press and a video feed for the webcast guys. The candidates of the day were Hillary Clinton, Dennis Kucinich and John Edwards, with other appearances by Michael Nutter and Chaka Fattah.

It was an interesting, somewhat disturbing event. First of all, the majority of attendees were obviously there for Hillary- after she finished up the place emptied out quickly, with Edwards' supporters running around outside trying to get people back in their seats for his appearance. He had about a third of Clinton's audience- and he didn't have any attendee interruptions- (but really, if you're going to stand up and try to drown out a presidential candidate during a speech, at least be coherent enough to have people understand you. We were right there in the room and couldn't figure out what the guy was shouting- I'm sure you couldn't tell what was going on on TV. Hillary at first tried to communicate with the dude, but then realized that he wasn't saying anything intelligible, so turned it over to the organizers to get him escorted out. Not very effective for a protester's cause.)

Here's why it was disturbing. It was held at the Bright Hope Baptist Church in North Philly. The event was kicked off with alot of chanting "No Justice, No Peace"...and a prayer by the pastor. Hillary started off with “This is the day the lord has made and let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

To quote James Madison, "The practical distinction between Religion and Civil Government is essential to the purity of Both." Anybody willing to honestly defend the purity of either religion or the U.S. government these days? The mic is yours....

In other news, thanks to co-worker and music nut Ziga, I'm now a proud member of the BitTorrent community and specifically, with the BT tracker "Oink" (one of the best in the world for quality control, regulation of members and vastness of catalog). It does suffer from a touch of elitism, snobbery and lack of "newbie tolerance". Despite this (as well as not knowing a thing about BitTorrents) I figured most of it out Saturday morning while Kendra was in Harrisburg for a surprise bridal shower for our friend Sherry (and whose wedding were going to in Costa Rica in just a few weeks!). I was surprised at the pieces of my collection that was already available (in various forms and audio quality settings), and the pieces that weren't. I was able to share a Mickey Finn drum'n'bass mix, a collection of Snap! remixes, a speed garage mix from Moonshine Music, the 5 year collection from Eye-Q Records and a fantastic double CD from Andy C. Besides the ability to fulfill people's requests (there were 2 users actively searching for my Moonshine Music "Basslines" collection by Dave Aude) I was able to find a goa trance mix (Concept in Dance Vol. 1, also from Moonshine Music) that I haven't heard since my sophomore year in college- my roommate Doug had it, and it was amazing. It'll be fun to continue to see what I can find and what I can share.


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