Monday, July 16, 2007

Seven Years!

Yesterday, Kendra and I chalked up a total of 7 years of marital magic! To celebrate, we decided to use a gift certificate from Kendra's Mom to Mazzi's, a very nice Italian restaurant and wine bar in Leola. To make it even more fun, we decided to forget the dreary Schuylkill and PA Turnpike and head out to Central Pennsylvania via back roads. We took a route through Exton and Gap towards Lancaster, passing farms and fields and many Amish buggies. It was a nice relaxing drive. We got to Mazzi's and had a wonderful meal with some great wine in a very romantic atmosphere. We were stuffed as we drove back the way we came through the farmland as the sun set behind us.

Some pictures of Mazzi's from Kendra's Treo:


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