Sunday, August 05, 2007

Happy Birthday, Kendra!!

I (Kendra) turned 30 on August 2, and to celebrate my family came down on Saturday, 8/4/2007 for a day of festivities. I was very excited about this, because my family is rarely all together in one place, and if they are, it has only one other time been in Philadelphia. So, it meant a lot that people made the effort. Chris and Lisa came down Friday night and stayed in a hotel (after getting stuck for 2 hours on 76 behind a burning dump truck). Jen and Jason and Mom and Dad came down on Saturday around lunch time.

We had planned to all go out to lunch at Soho that day, but it was incredibly hot, so we just decided to order food in. That worked out pretty well. We all ate lunch and had fun together until it was time for the special surprise of the day. I had gotten tickets for everyone to the Ride the Ducks. I knew this would take some effort for some of the guys to enjoy (and it did), but everyone seemed to have a great time. My dad brought his cane and walked the 6 blocks in the extreme heat to where the ride departed from. He was being a very good sport.

Our drive and tour guide were very fun, and he even had the entire bus/boat sing Happy Birthday to me (even if he thought my name was "Tendra").

After the ride, we headed back to get ready for dinner. We had reservations for that night at Konak, a Turkish restaurant in Old City. We were joined there by my cousin, Martha, and another cousin Ray and his partner Juan Carlos. It was great for all of us to be together! The food was great, although the restaurant was definitely understaffed for the volume that was there that night. I think there were three waitstaff and the place was packed. In the end, though, we all got our food and drinks, and we had a great time.

After dinner, we saw my family off, and we met up wtih Matha, Ray, and Juan Carlos at the Four Seasons lobby for a few drinks.

It was a great 30th Birthday!

Just when I thought the festivities could not be more, we had surprise guests on Sunday, 8/5/2007. It was Tim's parents who had driven down from Elizabethtown bearing gifts of vegetables from their garden. They made a wonderful veggie feast for us, and we had a good time talking and looking at pictures.

So, now I am 30, and I won't have to worry about celebrating birthdays again for another 10 years!


At 12:29 AM, Blogger Isabel's Mommy said...

Happy belated 30th!

Tell Jen I think her hair looks cute!


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