Saturday, October 13, 2007

Stemming Green Beans

It has always been amazing to me that from day to day, I have zero time and am always running around in whirlwind* mode wishing I had an hour to myself. However, during times like now when I have entire days to myself, I end up staring at the wall.

Last night I got home from work at around 8:00pm and didn't feel at all like cooking. I ordered Indian food from Cafe Spice and decided to order an On Demand movie. I chose Factory Girl, which I liked, but found it simliar to and not as good as Gia. My oversimplified take on both movies is that they are about tragically beautiful and lost girls who misplace their love and end up dying young and lonely. Maybe I'll watch Gia again this weekend. I really did like that movie, even if it made me cry.

Tim is gone for a 5 day stretch in D.C. for work this weekend. Next weekend, he'll be in Tampa, Florida to visit his friend Mike. I hope to accomplish a lot around the house during this time as well as get together my thoughts on numerous big decisions we have to make in the near future and probably should have made by now (to move or not to move, etc. etc.).

So, I've been plugging through the household tasks, but 1/3 of the way through stemming my green beans today, I became overwhelmed by how unmotivating of a task it was. I'm only even eating them for lunch because I bought them and don't want them to go to waste. Anyway, this is how it has been. I need to just write my stuff to do down and do it without analyzing!

This is likely just all a sign that I could use some more sleep. I'm sure it will be a more productive evening than morning :-)

*Whirlwind: Name Tim made up for me to describe my habit of tearing around doing 7 things at the same time. Useage: "I see you are being a whirlwind again. Where is my belt (or wallet or pants or book or glass of water) that was just laying here?


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