Sunday, November 11, 2007

Someone is tired of her daddy being gone...

I have two theories:

1) Tim is actually being scheduled for so many hours this fall that he might as well be an indentured servant.


2) Tim has a second wife in either Boston, New York City, or the ambiguous "Central New Jersey" region. (You would think he would have learned his lesson with the first wife... me).

Regardless of which theory is correct, Elora is putting her paws down. As I returned from another load of laundry (the required turn over for each trip is a bit demanding), I saw Elora firmly planted in Tim's half packed suitcase. You can see she has abandoned playing with her mouse in mid-game and just nestled in with a determined look on her face.

The vast majority of the time, mommy feeds her, cleans her, and makes her litter box nice... but I'm not daddy.


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