Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I Gotta Peaceful, Easy Feeling

Feeling mostly all better and therefore released from my captivity, my luck is beginning to change.

I got home late tonight because I had a dentist appointment after work. It was just a cleaning, and I have no new cavities - just 2 teeth on the watch list for old work that might need redone. (Yay)!

When I got home, I walked down to South Street again, which is a walk of a bit over a mile each way. I needed to return my movies, check if Season 2 was in yet, and get a gift for my person for the Compass Secret Santa party tomorrow.

It started snowing as I walked. It seemed I hadn't seen the snow for a long time, but I'm sure that can't be the case. Most likely I saw the snow but didn't really experience it. It was nice to watch it drift down in the street lamps.

My walk was very nice and peaceful. I didn't notice the cold as much as I usually do.

When I got to South Street, Season 2 was in. (What luck)! The store I wanted to get my present at was open and they were even having a sale! (Can it get any better)?!

On the way home, I stopped at Mulberry Market to get a 6-pack and some bread and cheese, and I am making a small dinner now.

So, things are looking up tonight. :-)

Note: Tim is in Florida. He informs me it is 80 degrees there!


At 5:31 PM, Blogger Isabel's Mommy said...

Mmmmm...beer, bread & cheese....I think Andy would like to join you for dinner.


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