Saturday, December 01, 2007

Malcontent (noun) - a person who is discontented or disgusted

I am so discontented today that I could literally carve my heart out with a butter knife just to have something else to focus on. This would actually serve two ends:

1) With no heart, my aching throat and perpetually runny nose would be of absolutely no consequence to me. It also would mean nothing to me at all that I am currently too sick to call one of my friends to head out into the cold night and actually have some fun.

2) I would get some use from the fact that all of our knives are clean, as I am trapped in an 804 square foot space all weekend with little else to do but clean, unpack from our trip, do laundry, do the bills, and try not to worry about the 50 other things hanging over my head that I can do exactly nothing about right now.

So, as I have tried to shake this feeling for the better part of the day without success, I will list some of the things I'd rather be doing just to see if that helps:

  • Last night I ventured to South Street to get a movie (without which my mood would be even worse now), and I stopped to get some fun nylons. I would much rather be at a nice dinner wearing an outfit which incorporates a pair of said fun new nylons.
  • My sister and mother spent all day hanging out and shopping. If feeling better, I would have even rather done that. (Despite the fact that "Christmas Shopping" combines two things I rather detest, the presence of my mom and sister makes up for it).
  • I would also like to see the movie Beowulf, and was hoping to have seen it this weekend.
  • I also would love to be getting my hair done again. It has been awhile, and I'm starting to feel oh-so-conservative with my single length, getting longer, almost 2 or 3 colors only hair.
  • This reminds me that I need to get my eyebrows waxed again. But I might just have to try to touch them up myself. This would actually be rebellious in a fun sort of way, since both my sister and my waxing lady have more or less issued a restraining order for me from my tweasers. Something about "I don't know when to stop".... suuuure.
Well, I guess I'll stop there. I'm feeling a bit better already... now if only I didn't have to actually log on and pay all these bills stacked up before me...


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