Sunday, December 30, 2007

Whole Foods, I Loved You Once

So, we've had a little trouble getting it together lately; and we kind of, sort of have not been going to the grocery store. When we have picked up the occasional vegetable, I only end up remembering much later when it is half rotting in the drawer. All of this has been great for order-in establishments near our house, which we have used when we have gotten around to it.

But holidays do not wait for fickle, indecisive people to get moving. They come regardless. This year we are invited to a combination New Year's Eve/Send Off to India Party hosted by one of Tim's co-workers and his wife. I can't wait to see them again, and I'm very excited for the party.

However, this did pose a bit of a dilemma: Do I actually remember how to cook? And I think Whole Foods is on 10th and South... right? This was not something I could go at half-cocked. Indian food has about a bazillions steps and often requires significant prep work. And the invitation clearly stated: Bring an Indian Food dish. Oh boy...

So, this morning, after our coffee, off we go to Whole Foods. The walk was nice. We even remembered our eco-friendly canvas bags, and I had my list. Walking into the store was funny. I used to go shopping every week. I haven't been in months and months. It was like a new world!

Oh - let's get some crackers here instead of paying $5.50 for them at the corner store! Maybe I can cook for New Year's Day! What do you want!?

So, after some dazed walks up and down aisles, a lighter wallet, and encumbered with our groceries, we headed home. However, my enthusiasm waned as soon as the stuff was spread out on the counter. But, I have to work tomorrow, which means I need to prep as much as possible today and finish it when I get home.

[Hands on hips. Stares at cauliflower.]
K1: Kendra. Pick up the knife and get a friggin' move on.
K2: You know I'm reading a really good book -
K1: NOW!
K2: OK. Yes, Ma'am.

So, I did, and all is well, and if it isn't the best Goanese Vegetable Curry tomorow those cats have ever had, I hope no one tells me! :-)

[If you try your best, but you don't succeed (or think the murder rate in Philly has a better chance of going down first, before you finish)...]

[... use your blender and grind the hell out of it.]

Tim even joined in on the action to purchase and cook a bratwurst for himself.

[Yes, I took the photo; and yes, it is blurry. And yes, that's a bottle of Yuengling Porter being used as a marinade. It's supposed to be good.]

You may wonder why on earth we end up with pictures like this for the blog.
1) Tim.
2) Tim gets excited when I take out the mortar and pestle, and ran over with the camera right away. He likes seeing me pound things to a pulp.
3.) Tim's Note on the Philosophy of his photography.


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