Sunday, January 06, 2008

If you plan to have a heart attack in Old City, don't do it on Sunday.

(or "Jesus loves me, so the rules do not apply.")

Maybe I'm just bitter. Maybe I resent the not insiginicant number of parking tickets we have received for just trying to park near our house. Or maybe I should have realized long ago that we could have invested the money spent paying all those violations to the Lord's work if only we were church goers.

You see, for some reason, every Sunday, parking rules go out the window to allow for church parking. This is not an anti-church going post, however. I happen to think the many churches right around our house are beautiful. I'm glad people attend them. From my perspective, however, it occurs to me that parking regulations are in place for safety reasons, and if they aren't, then we should be allowed to park wherever we want throughout the week (which would save me many chilly walks in the dark from my car).

If any emergency vehicle tried to get through during church hours, it wouldn't be able to, which is likely OK, since the health of all those in the community is no doubt being remembered in fervent prayer continuously by all of the people blocking said emergency vehicles. I suppose the theory being that it is easier to remove the need for emergency vehicles than to find another place to park.

We went grocery shopping this morning, and returned to this situation (like we do every Sunday). For some reason, it was too much for Tim this time, and he printed out fliers to post on some of the cars parked in the places that were most blocking the free flow of traffic. I found the fliers hilarious, but didn't want him to do it. But who knows, maybe it will get the point across.

From this point on, I am no longer going to give Tim allowances for his lack of assertiveness...

[Tim's Note: If I were truly assertive, I would have gone out and confronted those people face-to-face after they came out to their cars after worshiping the God that allows them to disregard city ordinances (my flier references certain verses in Romans 13). My actions may seem cynical to some, especially in regards to something so trivial as parking, but, as I distance myself further and further from any organized religion, the inconstancies of Christian dogma, the ridiculous pick-and-choose approach to theology and the life-in-a-bubble problems really start to become more evident. ]


At 11:41 AM, Blogger KillerRoo said...

Ha! Well stated comment about organized religions, Tim! I'd love to either see a copy of the flier or the text. :)

At 3:16 PM, Blogger Isabel's Mommy said...

This is a hilarious post.

I, too, am curious what the flier said.


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