Friday, February 22, 2008

The essense of things hoped for...

Hope is a funny thing. You can hang on to it for awhile until reality makes a huge pendulum swing into your face.

For a long time I hoped that Elora simply had an active imagination when she would stalk the bottom of the refrigerator or a small opening in the closet for hours waiting for something. But today (while working from home) I passed her toying with something that was a little too alive and wriggly to be one of her ubiquitous rabbit fur mice, and those hopes were dashed. Not sure where they dashed off to either, but I didn't stick around to catch it.

I hoped today that I hadn't actually broken the washer four days before moving by stuffing it too full and burning out the motor. Then Tim came home and the angry face forcing its way through a very, very bad cold told me I was completely wrong about that too.

Which brings us to the CFA exam that I just committed to studying for the remainder of this year and taking in December. And here is where I admit that I hope that I haven't peaked ten years ago. I had a good long run where I seemed to excel at everything I tried, and I was never quite sure why that was. So, now I am faced with another challenge, and I wonder if I still have what it takes. My energy is different, I'm more tired, and my interests have all changed. For that reason I almost didn't say "yes." But I'll give it a shot. I can only hope I'll surprise myself!

... the evidence of things not seen.


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